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June 25, 2021

Said Izabela Ramona, VP of RASG

“The aim of RASG is to sustain and develop the research in the field of pathological gambling”

(Romania, exclusive Izabela Ramona, VP of Romanian Association for the Study of Gambling (RASG), granted an interview to in which she spoke about the objectives of the recently created association, which organizes the Problem Gambling and Responsible Gaming Conference.


hat will be the main objectives of the recently established Romanian Association for the Study of Gambling?
The aim of the association is to sustain and develop the research in the field of pathological gambling – prevalence, prevention and intervention – promoting responsible gaming and sane behaviors.

The objectives of the Association are: increasing the level of dialog between its members in what regards different aspects of pathological and problem gambling, promoting primary, secondary and tertiary prophylaxis, diagnostic and psychological and psychiatric scientifically validated interventions for responsible behaviors and treatment of pathological gambling and associated disorders and promoting scientific research in gambling.

Other objectives are: elaborating scientific instruments and psychological techniques for diagnostic, counseling, psychotherapy of pathological gambler and problem gambler, stimulating scientific exchanges between different fields with interest in gambling, formative activities and educational activities for experts in prophylaxis and therapy of pathological and problem gambling.

Besides, the elaboration, translation, adaptation and promoting instruments and strategies for diagnosis and clinical evaluation scientifically validated, developing national programs of prevention for population at risk, editing books, periodicals, posters, banners, IT programs and other informative materials, organizing courses, seminars, conferences, public debates and other public manifestations for getting the attention of public opinion in the important areas of gambling, according to the law.

Consultancy and counseling of interested persons is another objective, as well as the development of personal programs in partnership with public authorities from the country and abroad, and the development of economic activities for self financing.
Why have you decided the creation of this new entity?
As Pieter Remmers, member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG), RASG is an Association created by EASG members Ramona Todirita and Viorel Lupu, and it is not an entity subordinated by EASG, even thought the names are very similar. EASG is a model for our Association, but still RASG is not an entity subordinated by EASG. If I got right your question, of course.
What will be the Romanian Association for the Study of Gambling’s role at the Problem Gambling and Responsible Gaming Conference?
RASG organizes the event, obtained the facilities for having this event organized in Cluj-Napoca.
Whom is this conference targeted to?
If you asked to whom it is addressed, I would say to everybody, as speakers having people who represent: people suffering or knowing somebody who has problems with gambling, research, intervention, prevention, prevalence, industry, political issues and organizations
What is the essence of this event?
The essence would be creating the dialog between the above mentioned elements and opening the gated in Romania too for this issue at a larger scale.
What is the current situation of the Romanian gaming industry?
These details will be actually discussed at the Conference and we wait for your being here in Cluj-Napoca with us. 

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