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October 25, 2021

SAT will continue with the revision of casinos after Monterrey attack

Mexico increases its controls on casinos

(Mexico).- The Tax Administration Service (SAT) announced that it will strengthen the revisions on casinos operating in Mexico, listed in their registry of taxpayers “to detect if they incur in any anomalies”, warned the general administrator of the National Tax Audit of this department, Alberto Real Benítez.


ast Sunday, SAT closed six casinos that did not show the compliance of the payment of the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS), so they have a month to fix the situation, and in case of criminal reiteration, the closure would be for two months.

In its data base, SAT has identified more than 430 betting centers. Besides, the collection on the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) planned for the Chamber of Representatives in the Law of Income 2011 is in us$ 5.59 billion, of which us$ 199 million (3.6%) will be brought by the sector of games, bets and draws.

While there is no precise data, according to the Association of Games and Draws Licensees (APJSAC), in Mexico this sector brings more than us$ 400 million a year in taxes and around us$ 1,500 million in investments.

Besides, the 25 companies of this type, with license to operate betting centers in the country, paid, between 2008 and 2009 to the Segob, more than us$ 44.4 million in profit sharing.

Last September 2nd, president Felipe Calderón ordered SEGOB, the Public Affairs Secretary, Secretary of Finance and PGR to revise meticulously the operation of all those centers in Mexico, and assured that they will take measures with those that infringe the law, including the closure of casinos.

The president said that the departments will have to investigate possible corruption cases in the operation of betting centers. The attack held last August 25th in Casino Royale, located in Monterrey, left 52 people dead, and whose alleged motivation was the extortion to the owners of the casino.

The general administrator of the National Tax Audit, which is part of SAT, commented that, based in the revisions they perform, the information obtained is sent to the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) to be complemented with other data and determine if they incurred in money laundering. 

Last August 26, in an operation held in Monterrey, SAT verified the legal 5,000 slots in the country, and proceeded to seize more than 3,500 units that presented irregularities in foreign trade. Besides, three people were arrested.

Real Benítez assured that the revisions being held in casinos are not random. On top of that, he said that they have other sources of information, such as third parties that bring services to the casino.

The 3,500 slots were seized in a precautionary way and are in SAT power right now. The individual has 10 days to prove its legality, on the contrary, he will have to pay a fee. 

Real Benítez pointed that this situation did not happen only in Nuevo León, and warned that they already count with a work plan to make controls in the rest of the country.

The president of the Commission of Public Security of the Senate, Felipe González, estimated that more than the 70% of the places dedicated to gaming activities do not comply with the Law, so they will aim to approve a new law on betting and draws "There are no figures to know exactly how many betting centers are there in Mexico, because, while one closes, they are opening two at the corner of the street”, remarked the legislator.

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