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June 23, 2021

According to Mexican Segob

“Sixty casinos operate in Mexico without the corresponding licenses”

(Mexico).- Mexican authority Segob informed this week that there are, at least, sixty casinos or gambling venues currently operating without permission in the Mexican territory, and those are protected by appeals for protection or involved in a lawsuit.


egob also made a strong call to the authorities of Nuevo León to investigate and clear the facts connected to the videos in which Manuel Jonás Larrazabal, brother of Monterrey Mayor, Fernando Larrazabal, appears receiving money in a casino.

In a press release, the office reaffirmed, on behalf of the Federal Government, its commitment with the rigorous application of the law, in the field of its competence, to regulate games and draws in the Mexican Republic.

During the meeting with the national press, Deputy Interior Secretary, Juan Marcos Gutierrez, explained that there are 561 gaming venus currently operating in the country, on top of the “thousands” draws made in different companies, but for its verification, it only counts with 44 inspectors, belonging to the Games and Draws Direction.

On the case of casino Royale, he detailed that they will take “a few more days” to reach a conclusion on the clarity of the relation between the concessionaire (the company Atracciones y Emociones Vallarta) and the one who operated the casino.

Gutierrez asked not to forget that what happened at Casino Royale was a “criminal act, apart from the regulatory situation that we have shown how is being attended. This act is taking the attention of competent authorities with important advances”. Besides, he said that this betting center is not registered as concessionaire before the office.

Gutiérrez said that Segob is worried about the action of a judge of Torreón, who has granted licenses to these gambling venues, because, since 1954, just 27 have been authorized. 561 betting centers derive of those licenses, of which 255 cannot operate if they do not have their licenses in order, while the remaining 306 operate in a regular way.

When asked if the casino victims will be indemnified, Gutierrez said that the licenses issued by Segob do not regulate the relations neither the consequences among individuals, but between the concessionaire and the authority. “It does not mean that the people affected cannot claim what they consider their own rights”, he pointed.

According to Segob, there are 306 venues open, which generate 40,000 direct employments and 120,000 indirect ones, and the direct investment comes from countries such as Spain,
Argentina, Russia and some Asian countries.

Estimations of the Association of Games and Draws Consessionaires indicate that, for 2014, the incomes of the industry in the country would reach us$ 2.38 billion, while taxes paid during 2009 were us$ 450 million, a number that will be doubled in 2014.

Three cities concentrate 39% of the 90,000 slots in the country, most of them in Nuevo León (18%), followed by Mexico City (13%) and Jalisco (8%). Miguel Ángel Ochoa, president of the Association of Concessionaires, Operators and Providers of the Entertainment and Bettinh industry in Mexico (AIEJA), commented that the market of casino users in 2010 was between a million and a million and a half, approximately.

It is estimated that small gambling venues count with 150 and 200 machines, medium-sized venues have between 450 and 500 and big casinos have 800 to 1,200 machines.

Most of the venues are concentrated in Nuevo León, he indicated, because it is one of the most developed regions in the country and has a more mature gaming culture, on top of the fact that its economy has grown a lot and so did market opportunities.

He commented that there are around 90,000 machines in the market, of which 82,000 are known as betting machines and the rest are bingo machines. “All the imports of machines are legal, and must comply with official Mexican norms to operate in the country, and mainly come from Europe, US and Asia”, he said.

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