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With 100% detection accuracy

Conrad Punta del Este chooses TCS John Huxley’s Saturn Wheel

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(Uruguay).- After 24 years using TCS John Huxley products, Conrad Punta del Este recently decided to update their Roulette Wheels and chose the Saturn Wheel. The integration of traditional high quality craftsmanship with automatic detector heads make the Saturn Wheel the most technically advanced Roulette Wheel around.

Since its opening in 1997 on the spectacular Atlantic coast of Uruguay, Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino's commercial relationship with TCS John Huxley has been based on supplying the casino with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced products on the market.

The Saturn Wheel has three reading devices embedded in the Roulette Wheel, discreetly hidden, allowing for instantaneous and 100% accurate winning number detection. With a triple redundant reading mechanism, the Saturn Wheel is the first choice for all gaming applications that require 100% detection accuracy.

Conrad Punta del Este hosts fantastic shows and tournaments at the casino, and decided that using e-FX Classic Roulette Displays alongside their new Saturn Wheels would be an excellent way of promoting these whilst also presenting gaming results, game history, winning streaks, live TV and video to help attract players to gaming tables.
Delivering fully automated game results in a split second, e-FX Classic encourages customers to wager by providing live results and historical game statistics. Combined with pre-recorded media or live media streams, the system is the smartest way to get promotional messages direct to your customers at the gaming tables. This bright high impact LCD commands customer's attention.

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