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July 27, 2021

Due to the increase in use of mobile gambling

UK: Online casino industry surprised by mobile gambling results

(UK).- Results are in from 2010 and the use of mobile gambling on smart phones, including iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids. Mobile gambling has long been recognized as the next “big wave” throughout the online casino industry. While up-take has been slow for previous years, 2010 showed a large increase in the utilization of mobile gambling website.


011 is poised to be the year where a real turn around occurs in the field of mobile gambling. A number of United Kingdom online gaming companies have seen extremely high financial results due to the increase in use of mobile gambling.

The results of one of the leading online casinos recently showed a 21% increase over the first part of the 2010 fiscal year. And while this 21% is only for the online gambling division, it does not count mobile gambling. In actuality, mobile gambling saw an increase of 797% for all sports book placed wagers. The overall percentage growth factor is more than 650%.

Another one of the large online casinos documented a number of trials and tribulations this year with their online casino, they have been noticing the same astonishing results with their mobile gambling efforts. Their mobile membership has expanded more than 150 percent, much more than their chief rivals’ mobile gambling membership.

Furthermore, their overall revenue has enhanced by more than 200%. This has brought the online casino more than us$ 10.5 million in additional income during the first half of the 2001 fiscal year. Obviously with a real showing of the benefits of online gambling, it is assured that it will continue to rise over the current year.

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