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June 22, 2021

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Bodog Brand's new casino lobby launched last week

(UK).- From a development perspective, online casinos have stood still for years despite being the biggest revenue drivers in terms of both margin and turnover for most operators. The BodogBrand now intends to overhaul the online casino market in the same way it did with poker.


uring the last couple of years the Bodog Brand Licensees took a fresh look at where the online poker market was heading and together agreed to make three fundamental changes, namely: a total restructuring of the rake back system, blocking data mining sites and player information as well as a complete u-turn on the type of player that rooms seek to attract.

Depositors, not 'pros', held the key to a successful and fun poker experience. These changes were quickly adopted by other major operators in the industry.

Equally, sports betting has seen in-play wagering and mobile apps give the genre a new lease of life to the extent that even the once all-powerful betting exchanges are now becoming traditional bookmakers themselves.

Bodog Asia is currently building its own live dealer studio, allowing players a host of advantages that have been impossible to do before: tables tailored to specific players and player groups, the ability to choose your favourite dealer, random bonuses with live concessions and beautiful women.

This week the Bodog Brand's new casino lobby was launched by, and as the first phase of a multi-tiered revamp of the entire online casino experience which it is hoped will, like poker before, become the industry standard.

Specifically, the new lobby will offer players the ability to find the games they want quickly via a dynamic search bar and simplified navigation and also allow players a comprehensive overview of all games and their individual features before they click thanks to a brand new game spy preview feature.

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