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June 23, 2021

Slots and state lotteries lead players’ choice

Games of chance investment in Spain reduced 9% in 2010

(Spain).- Economic crisis in Spain has hit turnover, and consequently Spaniards spent around 27 billion euros in the different games of chance modalities in 2010, which means a 9.2% reduction compared to the previous year.


he economic crisis has also damaged games of chance in Spain and cut 9.2 % their collection. However, the attraction of luck has already achieved to collect a considerable amount of more than 27 billion euros in the whole country last year, which is the 2.7% of the GDP.
Spanish citizens gamble in slots as well as in the different state lotteries. These two modalities comprise three out of four euros wagered, so any reduction in them is noted in the total. It has happened with B machines. In fact, this type of devices, which mean a 40% of the games in the whole country, has lost a 15.16% of the takings compared to the previous year.

Something less is the incidence on sportsbooks or National Lottery. In bets controlled by the State, the fall has been softer: just a 2.6%. Considering that these modalities represent 35% of the national game, it could be said that they have saved the global activity of a bigger fall, after having added a joint volume of 9,250 million euros.

Casinos and bingos are the most affected with regards to the reduction of money allocated to games of chance by Spaniards. Casinos have left 6.7%, so they are very close to ONCE, because their collection in 2010 was 1,857 million euros. Finally, bingo halls have lost more. Last year this game modality received 2,687 million euros, 8.2% less than in the present exercise.

According to numbers of the yearbook of the Ministry of the Interior, bingos are the least profitable private games. Research from the government establishes that the real expense on bingos is 36.7% (it means that, for each 100 euros, 36 are lost once the winnings are allocated).

On the other hand, slots have a final expenditure of 29.7% and casinos have the best return in bets, with a final expense of just 20.8%. This fall has not resulted in closures so far. The number of casinos has remained unchanged in 39 gambling venues and, besides, the number of visits has increased in 225,000 to reach 4.3 million.

Bingos have not noted the impact considerably, either. They have cut their incomes more than 8%: of the 401 venues opened in 2009, just two have been closed.

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