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June 23, 2021

Pedro Zaplana, Director of the Casino Division of the firm

“Orenes Grupo keeps investing on new projects”

(Spain, exclusive Orenes Grupo, a company in which Recreativos Franco is shareholder, recently announced its joint venture with Automáticos Canarios to present a project that would let them become one of the touristic reference Fuerteventura island. To know more details about this and other issues (new legislation and plans in Latin America, among others), Yogonet interviewed Pedro Zaplana, who took on as Director of the Casino Division of Orenes Group more than a year ago.


renes Group is a holding comprised 50% by R. Franco and 50% Orenes family. Nowadays, Orenes Group is the third operator in importance in the Spanish market. This, together with its well known potential of R.Franco worldwide, consolidates Franco Orenes platform as one of the references in prívate gaming in the Latin markets.

Why have you decided to respond to the public tender process for the license to install a casino in Fuerteventura?
We think it is a very interesting project. From the beginning, it has been related to the boost of tourism in Fuerteventura island. Its position as one of the main islands receiving visitors from the archipelago, without having a casino so far, has attracted our attention. Besides, we already operate two casinos in the Cannary Islands with very satisfactory results.

Why have you chosen the company Automáticos Canarios as your partner?
We are associated with Automáticos Canarios in Gran Casino Costa Meloneras (Gran Canaria). Collaboration is excellent and we think it is the best possible partner for this innovative project. Both groups are leaders in the gambling and leisure sector in Spain, and we have an important presence in the recreational sector, especially in the Cannary Islands.

Which is the current situation of the gambling venues in Spain? What opportunities does this country offer for those wishing to invest in the gambling sector?
The situation in Spain is complicated. In a context of a generalized crisis, it has also been put into force the recent Anti-tobacco law, which has supposed a hard hit not only to the gaming sector but also to hostelling in general. However, opportunities such as Fuerteventura can be presented and they have to be properly valued. Orenes Group keeps on investing in new projects and in the renewal and improvement of the ones already existing not only in the Casino Division but also in the rest of the divisions of the group (Operational in Bars and Venues, Bingo Halls, Commercialization of Slots, hotels).

Which is Orenes position with regards to the new gambling law? Which are the positive and negative points for the industry?
The new gaming law is necessary and expected by the traditional gaming sector, given the proliferation of online operators that are absolutely illegal and have started in the whole country, offering games that compete directly with the sub sectors of traditional gaming and with tiny contributions to their markets of origin. With the new law, we will all have the option to acquire new licenses and operate in this new market. Unfortunately, this law has been thought without considering the traditional gaming sector. That’s why we are expecting them to listen and incorporate new proposals in the ruling phase. If these proposals are considered, the main benefitted will be the gambling sector as a whole.

Which are the main objectives of the company for the following months?
Orenes Group has an ambitious expansion project not only at a national level (with projects such as Fuerteventura and online national license) but also international. Currently, different projects are being studied in Latin America together with R Franco, with two aims: operation in their own venues in different sub sectors and commercialization of casino machines and electronic bingo.
We have also started conversations with local operators in such countries in order to establish possible collaboration agreements for a joint expansion. We will keep you informed about this.

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