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September 19, 2021

Rudi Borgato, firm’s Latin America Sales Manager - Gaming

“Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia are important to MEI’s success in Latin America”

(Panama, exclusive Yogonet interviewed Rudi Borgato, MEI’s Latin America Sales Manager - Gaming, who talked about the form’s participation in SAGSE Panama. He also commented about the main features of the products that the firm presented at the show and about the Panamanian market.


hat products did you show to the Panamanian public?
At SASE Panama, MEI introduced SC Advance which applies new technology and market knowledge to make a great product even better. SC Advance further raises the bar for performance features that directly impact operator profitability:  acceptance, jam rate, security and cost of operation.   

Increased value created by SC Advance is highlighted by the following enhancements:

•    An improved recognition system, which provides proactive security by utilizing transmissive sensors to see all the way through notes in multiple wavelengths.

•    Faster bill-to-bill speed, which upgrades the player experience and speeds up transactions to expand throughput.

•    expanded memory, which limits part numbers and submissions by allowing more notes to be recognized in a specific release of firmware.

•    Comprehensive barcode recognition, which processes barcode coupons in all four directions and improves acceptance on multi-width currencies.

•    Upgrade to USB 2.0, which speeds up communications with the host machine and even potentially expands functionality.

Because the enhancements are localized to the acceptor head, SC Advance can work hand-in-hand with legacy Cashflow SC units already in the field. This capability is facilitated by intelligent support tools, which are able to sense the product version and provide the appropriate software. 

SC Advance is not only compatible with previous versions, but also with product extensions that have expanded the reach of bill acceptors from the slot machine to the entire cash management process. Easitrax Soft Count, as an example, has changed rapidly the expectations for what a bill acceptor can offer. The integrated software/hardware solution uses information collected in the bill validator and makes it accessible in a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot performance.

How did you see the local market development, and what are the company aspirations in relation to Panama´s market?
Many local operators from other Latin American countries attended SAGSE Panama this year. MEI will work with our local distributor, Suzo Puerto Rico, to further promote SC Advance in the market. To reward past investment in MEI, SC Advance is fully compatible with Cashflow SC units in the field. Operators now have the luxury of updating the slot floor at their own pace as capital becomes available. 
As new games are purchased with SC Advance, the enhanced heads can be strategically placed throughout the floor. 

Did you exhibit any product specifically focused on the Panamanian market? Which of the offered products was the most interesting for local operators?
This year operators were most interested in cash management solutions. MEI continues to evolve from a component supplier to an integrator of cash management systems. Easitrax Soft Count is a great example of this evolution. This integrated software/hardware solution places information collected in the Cashflow SC bill validator into a database that can be accessed to analyze slot floor performance. 
The recently introduced, SC Advance will be fully compatible with the 64,000 Easitrax Soft Count games already installed globally.  The capability of networking multiple gaming halls to one location allows operators to manage all of their properties on one system.  

What other markets in the region are important to you? In which one will you focus your efforts on this year?
Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia are important to MEI’s success in Latin America.

How did you see SAGSE Panama this year?
This year SAGSE Panama was smaller and less attended than in the past; however, due to MEI’s large market share there was a lot of traffic in our booth.

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