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October 16, 2021

Due to the increase of iPhone apps

Sport Software: mobile gambling is on the rise

(UK).- Bookmakers, including those involved in sport software, are reporting a growing number of mobile gamers. The rise of the iPhone apps was responsible for triggering a very big increase in online activity as gamers are rushing to use the new technology.


he latest figures that have been released by bookmaker Paddy Power have suggested that gambling entered a new Smartphone era, as thousands of players are enjoying online casino software everywhere, and many people in the industry have been very happy to find out about this, and are confident that more and more people will use this new technology.

Breon Corcoran, Paddy Power Chief operating officer, was very quick to stress just how important Smartphone users are to the industry as a whole, and this includes sport software services.

While speaking just a few days ago at Google’s Think Mobile conference that took place in London, Corcoran said that approximately 55% of the regulars in the organization were Smartphone users.

An additional 34% of players have also been using the service by means of their phones, which caused Paddy Power revenues to rise by over 300% only in 2010. Corcoron also said that in January 2010, the company had a total of 10,000 mobile customers. Within a year’s time, the figure made a rise to 50,000, while April’s statistics showed 120,000 mobile users.

While commenting on the state of affairs, Raj Vemulapalli, vice president of mobile engineering at Betfair, revealed that mobile gaming was placed by the organisation at the centre of its business strategy.

He said that the company was fully committed to “developing new betting methods and experiences” as they try to accommodate the sector’s rising popularity. Now, Betfair is getting ready to launch the HTML5 mobile web apps for Android, and the gaming community’s members, which include many that use sport software, are very excited by these recent developments.

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