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September 27, 2021

Albert Radman, Alfastreet’s Marketing and Sales Manager

“The automated roulette market is full. The room remains for the companies that stick out”

(Macau, - Albert Radman, Alfastreet’s Marketing and Sales Manager, talks about the “crowded automated roulette market” in this interview. He also comments that the company has launched its new single terminal SL-M3 at recent G2E Asia event, and states: “Our greatest innovation is surely our simultaneous betting option.”

he automated roulette market is crowded: what sets your solutions apart from the competition?

I agree it is crowded. Few years ago, while the market was blooming, there was enough room for everybody, sometimes even for the products with questionable quality. These days, the market is full, and the room remains for the ones that stick out, not just with the solutions, but maybe even more importantly, with the reliability, excellent support, constant upgrades etc. At Alfastreet, we’ve been constantly working on our personal relationship with the customer. We are investing a lot of time, effort, and money, to make sure all of our products satisfy the needs and the expectations of every one of our customers. This is why, even with the situation at the market, we are happy to say we are doing well, we had no cutbacks, actually quite the opposite, we actually expanded our production line to maintain our famous short delivery times for our products. Even the customers are now more demanding, putting more pressure to the manufacturers. They are able to see how some of the manufacturer companies are shutting down, leaving their products unattended. So, they are looking for a good, reliable, safe company, to do their business long term. And they turn to Alfastreet.


What are the key features of your automated roulette products?

What we did is actually very much unique solution and this is already bringing us lots of interest from all around the world. We launched our Multi Player simultaneous betting solution. This means that while you can make a choice between several games from our ‘repertoire’, you can also make a choice to play 2 games, at the same time, at a single screen.

Basically, we launched our new single terminal SL-M3, with a huge screen, which allows us such dual game play. We are very proud of this solution, as it is a result of very hard development and long time testing, just o make sure it functions perfectly. Officially we launched this feature just recently, at recent G2E show in Macau; still we already have several installations around the world with great customer feedback. One of the important sites that I must mention is Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore, with 140 terminals already installed.

You have a long history of selling these products: how have the demands of operators changed over the years in terms of format and functionality?

Customers are definitely changing their approach to the gaming products. They are looking for reliable, secure, comfortable product, with great support and great reputation on the market. Of course, compliance letter from different institutions like GLI, SIQ, BMM, are a must. At Alfastreet, we have been working on this image since the day we started manufacturing. We are in compliance with numerous testing institutions, government regulators, or simply, market expectations. We constantly modify our products to fit certain markets and certain type of players and we try to stay ahead of our customers. Meaning, we do the upgrade, even before they come around to ask us. So far we have been very successful in staying ahead and with that, we are building our brand name and reputation with our customers.


How much design or concept input do you get from customers?

We always listen to our customers and we get the wisdom out of what they are saying. We use our long time experience to determine what to actually use, and what not to. Of course we also study every market situation by ourselves. At the end, the product is modified and ready to suit even so demanding player. The best example of such modifications is our Asian market. We have been working this market since day one, we carefully studied each of jurisdictions and we made the machine just perfect for them. That is why we are now experiencing huge market response, with great sales all around the region. Sometimes, people come to us and ask us: ‘How do you do it’? It is not clear to them how are we able to do so well on the market where most of the manufacturers are struggling. Well, the answer lies in this article.

I wish there was a shortcut, bet there is none.


What do you think is the greatest innovation you have brought to your automated roulette products?

Our greatest innovation is surely our simultaneous betting option which allows a player to play 2 games at the same time at a single screen. No switching is required. Player is actually playing 2 games of his choice, even 2 roulettes, at the same time, using single bill validator, single ticket printer, single Player Tracking. This solution is something that sets us ahead of our competition. We also made sure the solution is patented and protected from copying, at least for a while.


How do you see automated roulette products developing in the future?

Constant development is a must. Players are always looking for something new and something better. At Alfastreet, we are constantly developing, making sure we stay ahead. We bring new solutions and new features to our customers and we make sure we always have something new to offer. Furthermore, we make sure that the compatibility between the software and hardware remains, so upgrading of the previous versions is very easy.


What do you think attracts players to – or turns players off – different automated roulette machines?

We are more than sure that one of the most important things is the players comfort. That is why we make our machine very ergonomically, and we also always supply high quality, specially designed chairs, along with the product.

We also believe in keeping things simple. We don’t distract players with additional sounds, animations or similar. Any such gadget is fun to see but when the players sits behind the machine for a couple of hours, trust me, he will not appreciate any such distractions.


How configurable are your products with casino management systems?

Our products comply with all of the major certification authorities. Also, since our products are spread out around the world we were forced, sooner or later, to do all of the required management systems. Right now, it is very hard for us to come by a system which we already don’t have implemented in our software package.


What do you think is an appropriate length of time for an operator to see a return on investment (ROI) in an automated roulette system? Do you have any examples of how operators have shortened the ROI period?

Appropriate length of time is something that is really up to the specific market. I can tell you, that there are markets with ROI as short as 1 month. There are also markets with ROI being 18 months.

I believe a comfortable ROI would be up to 12 months. Through our experience, with Alfastreet products there is generally a shorter ROI. Of course, with jurisdiction where there are heavy betting limitations, there is only so much that we, or the customer can do. Customers generally look to shorten the game time to the minimum, having the players play more games and consequently spend more money.


How important is it for Alfastreet to have a wide range of automated roulette products?

It is not just the Automated Roulette products. We offer wide range of products, like Auto/Live roulette, Auto/Live Sic Bo, Auto/Live Baccarat, Auto/Live Black jack, Auto Poker, Auto Bingo, Auto Keno. It is very important out have a wide range of products, especially with our Multi game features. We are able to mix it up and find the proper and most profitable solutions for our customers.


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