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September 27, 2021

Lee Gregory, firm’s Managing Director for Casino and Bingo

“The Asian Pacific market is very important to Inspired Gaming Group”

(Macau, exclusive - Lee Gregory, Managing Director for Casino and Bingo, from Inspired Gaming Group, talked to about the main features of the products that the company showcased at this year’s G2E Asia event, and also about the current situation of Macau and other countries in the region: “Markets such as Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam are the regions to watch,” he said.

nspired exhibited for the first time in Asia its innovative Multi-Win Roulette. What can you tell me about it? Which are its main features?

As an industry leading product with imminent GLI approval, Inspired’s Multi-Win Roulette 4 on the all-new Sabre slant top cabinet, received a great deal of local and international interest at the show. Multi-Win Roulette is unique in allowing players to bet on four wheels simultaneously, and can be connected to live or auto wheels, or configured to run off a GLI approved RNG. It’s built on the success of its predecessor Multi-Win Roulette 3, which has proven to consistently outperform competing products in venue trials around the world.

The new Sabre slant top is the only electronic gaming terminal with a Player Portal – a secondary screen for game results and analysis – and “Real Touch” haptic technology, to recreate the sensation of playing with real chips. The cabinet also boasts a primary 26” high definition widescreen with a Panoramic Bet layout, showing all four wheels or tables on the same screen for the optimum electronic gaming experience.

Previewed for the first time at the show, Inspired’s new Live E-Baccarat product, also available on the Sabre slant top cabinet, gives the player a choice of up to four tables to bet on. E- Baccarat is more flexible than the traditional table game because it is fully configurable to offer four different game variants from a single table. It can be presented on Sabre as a standalone piece of content or alongside Roulette, as a multi-content option.

How was the feedback received by visitors to Inspired's stand during the show?

We were pleased to receive great feedback from current and potential customers at the show. Our new HD Baccarat content on the Sabre terminal was well received and the functionality over other Baccarat products launching at the show was evident. Customer and visitor expectations were exceeded by the quality of both Multi-Win Roulette and E-Baccarat, which both adhere to Inspired’s HD Gaming standards.

Visitors were most impressed with Sabre’s Panoramic Bet layout and Player Portal which, unlike other roulette and baccarat products, allows the player to see all four wheels or tables, spin and betting history - all without changing screens. There was also a positive reaction to the “Real Touch” haptic technology, which adds as much excitement to a demo as it does live in a casino.  

A keen interest was shown in the flexibility of terminal content, thanks to Inspired’s Open Server-Based Gaming (SBG) CORE technology, which allows for multiple content to be played from one terminal. Open SBG CORE technology has proven to increase incomes for operators, as a result of more content choice, regular updates, and intelligent data analysis.

Table games are very popular in Asia. Does this characteristic bring more opportunities for the company?

The ever increasing demand for table games in Asia is very exciting for Inspired, as electronic gaming products like ours, which can be connected to live tables, are going from strength to strength. The nature of SBG technology means that it is scalable - there is no limit to the amount of terminals which can be connected to a live table. The increasing demand for modern and high quality electronic table gaming products has proven an exciting opportunity for Inspired. Our SBG technology is a good fit for the Asian market and we are very positive for the future of these regions.

How did you see the show this year? Was it a positive presentation for Inspired being at G2E Asia this year?

Investment in new technology was an emerging trend at the show this year. Operators are now realising the benefits of installing SBG terminals as part of their existing casino floor, due to the increasing demand for better content, regular updates and valuable insight into player data. All of which are only made possible by Open SBG technology.   

Interestingly, I did notice an increasing presence of arena style setups for electronic table games, however I believe the jury is still out in whether there is much appetite for this style of product and how well they perform – or don’t – against more flexible products. This may be due to their lack of innovation in a market which is investing in new technology for the future.

How do you see Macau's market? Which other countries in the region do you think offer positive business options for the gaming industry?

All eyes are on Macau at moment as it is still experiencing impressive growth, but markets such as Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam are the regions to watch. The Asian Pacific market is very important to us, especially now we have a superior product to offer casino operators and are soon to announce GLI approval for Sabre.  We look forward to operating in GLI markets across the Asian Pacific.



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