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September 17, 2021

Derik Mooberry, Bally’s Senior VP of Products and Operations

“We will continue to watch the Latin American market closely”

(Panamá, exclusive In the recent SAGSE Panama edition, Derik Mooberry, Bally’s Senior Vice President of Products and Operations, talked to about the products the firm showcased at the event and gave an overview about them. “There seems to be a lot of growth in this particularly market,” he commented.


hich products did Bally introduce at the show?
We are introducing all kinds of different products, both from our traditional core line as well as from our premium product line. In Carnival Cruise, we have some of our new ALPHA 2 Pro cabinets, thanks to our new ALPHA 2 platform, players we’ll see a couple of different things that  make our new  games really unique. We showcased our brand new cabinets featuring some of our latest titles.

The cabinets themselves are state-of-the art; they contain advanced side lightning on the cabinet, as well as new and integrated ALPHA Pro Digital Topper. So when the players get into the bonus round, in the majority of the games, they will see the side lights blink synchronized with game play, not only in the game itself but also in the topper and then on top of that even we have what we call the super candle, a multicolour candle that we think brings some extra excitement to the casino industry. Often times with players during a free games bonus feature, with the new super candle over the topper, even from far away, other patrons around in the casino floor clearly recognize that this player has entered a bonus round and he/she is having a “winning experience” that’s what we are trying to do. We are trying to make the game project the winning experience whether you are sitting in front of the machine playing the game, or if you are in the other side of the casino floor.

You´ll also notice that this cabinet is the first in the industry that features what we call the iDeck technology, which replaces the traditional button decks as we know them today. Historically, there’s been physical buttons in slot machines, we´ve gone to a full touch screen device where we can configure the buttons to change dynamically with no longer adding or remove anything; and we´ve also proven that is very durable.

And what about the premium line?
In what we call the premium side, we have already entered in some other markets in Macau and the Asia-Pacific region. Cash Wizard is doing very well, presented on the new Pro V22/22 cabinet.  As you can see we´ve taken the Pro V22/22 Upright cabinet and have added a wheel on top, as well as some more interactive features. This game has multiple bonus rounds, it has a wheel experience, a three-level progressive and some mystery wild features. Is the first of its kind in the industry, most wheel games have historically been activated by pushing the spin button. In Cash Wizard you actually will touch the wizard to stop the wheel.

We have just released Hot Spin, and what you need to know about this game are the following items: first of all is our U-Spin gesture-control technology and the wheel displayed on the touch-enabled screen, also the players can pick their lucky symbols: if I don´t like that particular symbol, I can change it. Players not only physically spin the interactive bonus wheel, but also select their volatility level: fewer bonus spins with higher payouts or more spins with lower pay amounts. This game is able to satisfy every type of player with diverse play styles.

Then there is Money Vault, which presented in what we call the Pro Series V22/22 Upright Hammerhead cabinet, featuring an oversized 32-inch LCD screen that delivers high-definition video animations. This game utilize Bally’s unique Directional Wild play mechanic.  With this play mechanic, a Wild dial appears on the third reel and spins, making every symbol in line with the pointing dial “Wild.“ Along with Directional Wilds, Money Vault and Golden Pharaoh feature Bally’s award-winning U-Spin gesture-control play mechanic.

Lastly, we exhibited our new Pro Series V32 cabinet.  Our ALPHA Elite version of the V32 was our best selling cabinet, and now we came out with a Pro version that contains all the latest technological advancements.  We are showing some of our latest titles in this cabinet that really delivers a rich experience from a graphics and contents perspective. Obviously, integrated are all the same great elements from the other Pro cabinets such as the iDeck, HD surround sound, digital topper, LED cabinet lighting and the super candle.

Also, are some of our technology systems:
-SDS/CMP : Slots accounting / marketing systems and Bonusing applications.
These tools help casino operators, not only with just the traditional slot accounting and security features, but also they offer extensive secondary bonusing options and much more, which is what casinos are looking for today. Casinos are in search of technology that differentiates itself in the market place, and we have some of the most deployed casino applications in the world. These applications can scale down to the smallest casinos as well. 

What is the importance of this show to bally?
The Latin American market is important to Bally, we will continue to watch the Latin American market closely as the economy here seems to be doing it well. There seems to be a lot of growth in this particularly market, so what’s next for us is to stay focused here, helping our existing customers and also looking for new partners that may want to buy Bally´s products.

How did you see the show?
It was good; we had a lot of key customers that had intentions of buying and showed a lot of interest in our new products.

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