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September 27, 2021

Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati

“Macau plays a very important role in Abbiati’s international business strategy”

(Macau, exclusive Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati, talked to Yogonet and commented about the main features of the products that the firm showcased this year at G2E Asia. “Abbiati had decided to bring also other type of table tables such as, TV Poker table and the American Roulette table”. He also spoke about the current situation of the Asian markets and the company’s international business strategy.

hat products did Abbiati offer to G2E Asia's visitors during recent 2011edition? How was the feedback received?

This year, a part of the Bean Shape Baccarat table, which is the most popular game in Asia, Abbiati Casino Equipment had decided to bring also other type of table tables such as, TV Poker table and the American Roulette table. It was a big surprise for us to find out, that the biggest interest from the visitors’ side was showed to the newest Abbiati product - TV Poker table. As far as Poker was never considered as a popular game in Asian countries, the received enormous interest shows that also this game is becoming more popular in Asian market.

The visitors were also attracted by our innovating American Roulette table, which was displayed with large range of Winning Number displays. We had designed this table specially for this show, using such materials as carbon fibber and top quality leather. The table itself was completed with the Roulette wheel incorporating Abbiati’s patented Laser technology. During the show we had also presented our new line of chips and plaques which contain more security features, including edge designs and UV logo.

Table games are very popular in Asia. Does this characteristic bring more opportunities for Abbiati?


How did you see the show this year? Was it a positive presentation for Abbiati being at G2E Asia this year?

Talking about our company, it was the most successful show in Asia in the last 5 years. Very busy with the number of visits, as the majority were the important decision makers. As I had mentioned before, we had received a very positive feedback on our products.

How important is Macau's market within Abbiati's international business strategy?

Definetely Macau plays a very important role, as it is one of the most important gambling destinations. We are very possitive about the grouth of our business in this area, as we are being involved in more interesting new and existing projects.

How do you see Macau's market? Which other countries in the region do you think offer positive business options for the gaming industry?

I am sure everyone will agree that Macau and Singapore are the main gambling destinations at the moment. Anyways, I have a strong believe that also other Asian countries will expand their gaming industry in next coming years.


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