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Gus Noble, Weike’s Sales Consultant

“The Asian player is looking for something he can identify with and enjoy”

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(Macau, exclusive Yogonet.com).- Gus Noble, Weike Gaming’s Sales Consultant, granted an interview to Yogonet.com to talk about the performance of the company at recent G2E Asia event. “We received very positive feedback from our existing customers in Macau, and we also had customers from Singapore and Malaysia visit us at the stand”, he pointed.

What products did Weike decide to showcase this year at G2E Asia?

Weike had some new exciting products that were launched at G2E Asia this year. Firstly, we launched the new technology advanced, slim line 22 “dual screen, Infinity X slot machine cabinet, an this is a major development for Weike. We are very proud of the new cabinet which provides an excellent platform to showcase our proven Asian-themed games, and provides operators alternatives for their players.

We also launched our Weike Infinity Roulette product which compares favorably with any other electronic Roulette in the Market. The Roulette comes with a Cammegh wheel, player-friendly user interface with large 22” wide screens, live video streaming to all terminals and with a flexible modular design that can be configured up to 128 terminals in any design a operator might desire. This is another exciting addition to the suite of gaming products produced by Weike as the only Singapore-based gaming manufacturer in the Market.

Which was the feedback received by visitors or customers during the show? Did you have the chance to meet operators from different Asian markets?

We received very positive feedback from our existing customers in Macau, and we also had customers from Singapore and Malaysia visit us at the stand. Weike has a strong client base in Singapore and Malaysia and across the region for both slots, electronic tables and systems. We are currently having our best slot sales year ever in Singapore with strong sales to both the Marina Bay Sands Casino and to the Singapore Club market. Weike is also the largest supplier of systems in Asia with over 100 venues using Weike’s WeSystems.

How did you see the show this year? Was it in line of your expectations? Was it a positive presentation for Weike?

This year’s G2E show saw many of the manufacturers take note of the importance of having games suited for the region and not just bring their games from other markets to Asia. There is a growing understanding that the Asian player is looking for something he or she can identify with and enjoy. It has taken some time but the manufacturers are now listening to the market, and we are now seeing more Asian-themed games and products. We like to believe that as the only Singapore-based manufacturer we understand Asian players very well and provide games and products that they enjoy. Our recent successes with some of the most popular games in the market demonstrate this commitment to the Asian player.

Recent statistics state that Macau is currently the biggest gaming market in the world. Do you agree? How do you see Macau's market?

There is no doubt that Macau now is the largest gaming market in the world, being approximately 4 times the size of Las Vegas. The gaming revenues continue to be very strong and as long as the Chinese economy continues on its strong positive growth path, there is no reason to believe that Macau gaming market will not continue to grow. However, I think it’s true to say that the Macau government is conscious of the dangers of an over reliance on gaming and is working hard to grow other aspects of the Macau economy such as family tourism. This will be good for the long term viability of Macau to become a holiday destination and not just a gambling hub.

How important is Macau within Weike's business plan?

Macau is very important to Weike over all business plan, alongside our gaming products and Systems business, Weike also have gaming operations in Macau where Weike manage slot operations in Kam Pek Casino and L’Arc Casino. This is an important part of Weike gaming’s business plans and we intend to grow our operations in Macau. We also look to gain a strong foot print on the gaming machine market in Macau and are working hard to be an serious player in the Slots business in Macau.

In which other Asian countries is Weike currently operating?

As mentioned we are the largest supplier of Slot Systems in the region with our Systems and Slot products currently running live in countries like Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar. Weike has a presence in all markets across the South East Asia region and is dedicated to become Asia’s number one gaming machine manufacturer.

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