International edition
June 23, 2021

Giovanni Ponson, firm’s Director of Sales for Caribbean & Latin American

“The Latin American market is extremely important to Gemaco”

(Panama, exclusive A few days before the beginning of a new edition of SAGSE Panama, Yogonet interviewed Giovanni Ponson, Director of Sales, Caribbean & Latin American markets of Gemaco, who commented about his expectations and objectives as well as about the products to be launched at the show.


hat are your expectations and objectives for your upcoming show in Panama?
As one of Latin America’s leading gaming table layout suppliers, Gemaco thanks the many clients that we service throughout the region.  As for expectations, I will be focusing on building interest in Gemaco’s already very popular layouts, gaming chips and, of course, playing cards.

Will the firm launch new products focused on the Latin American markets?
Aside from its very popular chip line, Gemaco will continue developing the fast-growing market for high quality playing cards manufactured in China.

Which are their main features?
Gemaco’s Chinese-made playing card product offers the same high quality and is accompanied by the identical excellent service associated with all Gemaco products, but because of Gemaco’s very successful partnership with the finest manufacturer in mainland China, the playing card product is available at very attractive pricing.

Which trends do you expect to see this year at the show?
From my point of view, it’s all about service. As one of South America’s leading suppliers of layouts, Gemaco differentiates itself from the competition by never saying “NO”.  Whether 100,000 decks of playing cards or a small order of accessories, Gemaco treats each order the same.

How important is the Panamanian market for your company?
As someone from the region, I can say with certainty that the Panamanian—in fact, all Latin markets--are extremely important to Gemaco. Gemaco’s Latin American presence was underdeveloped until I joined the company to focus full time on this market.  My job is to be recognized as a trusted partner throughout the region and to be known for service excellence and quality products.

What are your current thoughts regarding the state of the gaming industry throughout the Latin American Markets?
Clearly there has been a lot of exciting things going on in Mexico, and I expect that to continue. Gemaco recently established DEK as exclusive distributor for Mexico, and we expect they will be quite successful with Gemaco products. In fact, DEK has already closed a number of deals, and we expect more shortly. As for the rest of the region, most of the economies continue to prosper, which only means good news for clients and their prospects for growth--growth Gemaco hopes to share.

Which is your strategy for the Latin American market in general?
With such a large geographic area to cover, I find that the internet and email are quite indispensable. That said, the Latin markets are still about long term relations and extreme loyalty that require time on the road and meeting face to face with clients. That may not involve the latest technology, but it is the best way to assist clients and maintain the close rapport necessary for a good relationship over the long term.

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