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June 25, 2021

Statements by Tim Moser, Marketing Manager of TransAct

“TransAct enjoys great success in Asia”

(Macau, exclusive “G2E Asia was a very successful show for TransAct”, said Tim Moser, Marketing Manager of the company, who granted an interview to He talked about the products showcased by the firm, analyzed the importance of the Macau market and Asia in general, and also gave details about the recent agreement signed with Transcity Group.


hat products did TransAct decide to showcase at recent G2E Asia edition?
G2E Asia was a very successful show for TransAct.  We featured our award winning Epic 950 casino ticket printer, the Epic 880 roll-fed gaming printer, and for the first time in Asia the Epicentral Print System.  The Asian markets have embraced the Epic family of printers and we were pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of the printers to so many of our customers in the region.

The Epicentral Print System for printing marketing promotions directly to players while they are playing at the machines was a big hit at the show.  The G2E Asia audience was excited to see and experience this technology first hand, printing promotional coupons and delivering marketing messages via tickets printed at the slots.

How did you see the show this year? Which is the final balance you can make about TransAct's presence in G2E Asia this year?
TransAct continues to enjoy great success in Asia.  Our team in Macau, led by Andrew Hanley, continues to win new openings, expand our business and grow our market presence in the Asia Pacific region.  G2E Asia was the ideal environment for us to interact with our customers, raise product and brand awareness and reinforce our commitment to the world's leading Gaming Market.

How do you analyze Macau's market? How important is for the company within its international business strategy? 
Macau and the Asian market as a whole will continue to be very important to TransAct.  Moving forward we are very pleased and excited with the growth that is happening and we are in a great position to truly partner with our customers as they position themselves to communicate with players at the slot machine with promotional coupons.

How is the company positioned in other Asian countries? Is Asia a market in which TransAct is focusing on?
We feel that Macau has succeeded in solidifying itself as a leader in the international gaming market for the foreseeable future.  Beyond that, the expanding opportunities in Singapore, The Philippines and others have positioned Asia at top of list for TransAct and other gaming leaders. 

What can you tell us about recent agreement signed with Transcity Group? How will it work in Macau?
We are pleased to be partnering with Transcity which will expand the sales and distribution of our gaming, casino, POS and banking products in Australia, New Zealand and Macau. TransAct is commitment to continued sales and marketing expansion in this region and we are very pleased to grow our relationship with Transcity, a company known for unparalleled customer service.

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