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September 20, 2021

Olivia Chiang, Marketing Specialist at Bingotimes Digital Technology

“Our main product for this year at G2E Asia is the 20 line slot machine”

(Macau, exclusive Olivia Chiang, Marketing Specialist at Bingotimes Digital Techonolgy, commented about the main features of the products that the firm decided to showcase this year at G2E Asia and about the current situation of the Asian markets. “G2E Asia gathers most of the best gaming machine supplier in the world, which means we can’t fail to make our presence of the show”, she said.

hat products did Bingotimes decide to showcase this year at G2E Asia?

Our main product for this year is the 20 line slot machine. There are two stories included, Cleopatra and The Prince of Thieves: Robinhood. Bingotimes’ slot machine feature dazzling gaming picture and interesting double game. The R200 Automatic Robotic Arm series has two shufflers included, which means the machine is able to deal two Baccarat games at the same time. The machine is fully automatic, which lower down the manpower games. What’s’ more, the casino operator doesn’t need to worry about the cheating behavior of the staff. In conclusion, fairness, justice and transparency is achieved, and this is what Bignotimes has devoted to do in 20 years.

As our S (simple) series, the latest product is the S220 Simplified Dual Channel Series-Automatic. In Bingotimes’ Varies S series products, this is the first automatic machine. It is installed with one shuffler, and the dealing device is extremely fast, it is less then 2 seconds to deal one card. Players enjoys watching the speedy dual channel dealing cards. The sound of the dealing device is low, hence the environment is more comfortable.

Which are the main features of Bingotimes's developments?

The strength of Bingotimes is that we have constantly devoted to achieve automation, our R200 (Robotic Series), S200 (Simple Series), and S22 0(Simple Series) is fully automatic. Therefore, casino can achieve fairness, justice, and transparency. Bingotimes has always developed new products for the market. The strong R&D capability is the fuel to drive our products.

How did you see the show this year? Which is the final balance you can make about Bingotimes's presence in G2E Asia this year?

The number of exhibitor is a bit shrinking, but the visitor for the first day is still big. We can see that visitors seeing Bingotimes at G2E Asia is able to see the big progress year by year. We will continually attend the show in 2012. There will be more new products expected in 2012. G2E Asia gathers most of the best gaming machine supplier in the world, which means we can not fail to make our presence of the show. This year, we have met with numerous visitors who have strong interest in our products, like R200 Automatic robotic arm series and shuffler.

As a company with a strong presence in the Asian market, how do you see Macau's market? Which other countries in the region offer positive business options for the gaming industry?

We have very different product type compare with currently in use Macau casinos. We have been devoted to introduce the advantages of automatic machine to the world, and receive much praise from the enterprise. We are looking forward to see more Chinese customer from the Mainland.

Bingotimes is very strong in Taiwan market and shares high publicity in Taiwan.

How is Bingotimes positioned in Macau's market? In which other Asian countries is the company currently operating?

Automation is a trend in the market. We are looking forward that it can be widely accepted by Macau market. The score can be clearly calculated and the record is precise. Manpower cost can be lower down and players have no worries. The backend software can automatically calculate the result. Bingotimes is currently operating is Taiwan domestically, also China, Philippine, and India.  


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