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October 27, 2021

BaccaraX and BetterBAC

TCS John Huxley introduced two baccarat games at G2E Asia

(Macau).- TCS John Huxley has recently signed an agreement with SASIAN Gaming to distribute two new and exciting Baccarat games. Launched at G2E Asia, BaccaraX and BetterBAC are simple but highly flexible commission free games, which are incredibly easy to learn, ensuring instant player acceptance and minimal staff training.


hese commission free Baccarat variants are played according to traditional Baccarat card drawing rules and can be played on any size Baccarat table for even greater flexibility.

BaccaraX offers a range of 12 Multiplier Bonus pay tables with varying house advantage percentages that give operators flexibility with price-setting, while also serving as ready-made promotional tools. Operators now have the ability to boost play in quiet areas or during off-peak hours by setting lower prices, or to use different Multiplier Bonus pay tables for different table limits, gaming pits or rolling commission structures.

Every no-commission Baccarat variant must have a penalty-situation, where the casino recovers the forfeited 5% commission. The BaccaraX Multiplier Bonus turns this penalty-situation into a bonus-situation, by giving players the opportunity to win greatly increased payment odds. The greatly improved game pace coupled with the increased house advantage ensures that BaccaraX will outperform traditional Baccarat in terms of revenue per open hour.

BetterBAC offers a very unique combination of house advantage, productivity and player appeal. The built-in patent pending Bonus Feature and additional payments add a new dimension to Baccarat enjoyment, while the superior game pace and house advantage provide unrivalled revenue potential.

BetterBAC takes the familiar Baccarat format and adds a BankerBONUS, where players can get paid up to 7 to 1 on a winning Banker bet. Superior in both game pace and house advantage, BetterBAC guarantees an increase in revenue over traditional Baccarat.

Tristan Sjöberg, TCS John Huxley Managing Director Asia commented, “The ability to offer Baccarat players commission free variants is a major advantage, especially in this region. We believe both BaccaraX and BetterBAC bonus features and other additional options and payments will add a whole new dimension to player enjoyment, whilst creating significantly higher revenues than those experienced with traditional Baccarat.”

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