International edition
July 27, 2021

Adolfo De Los Ríos, General Director of Bemex-Metronia

“Mexico is the best scenario to reinforce our capacity with regards to other markets”

(Mexico, exclusive Metronia and its Mexican subsidiary Bemex were present in the latest ELA edition last week. Yogonet talked to Adolfo de los Ríos, General Director of Bemex, who remarked that the company will grow in the different markets “as long as we consolidate even more our range of products, specially, with the results we will obtain from Mexico”.


hat products are you presenting in ELA?
We have incorporated two new platforms due to the high level of competence. There are platforms with new games, always in the same theme, which is Bingo, our specialty; and besides, we complement it with systems and mysteries, which somehow catch the attention on the players in each gaming circuit.

Which is the balance of the event for your company?
We are very happy because the quality of the visitors is high and, besides, it has been established an inter-communication between manufacturers and operators which is not always easy to achieve, due to the dimension of the country or the distance of the casinos that are operating with our venues, located in Mexico City.

How is the structure of company in Mexico?
Bemex is a company that is part of Metronia Group. We, as Bemex, are trying to create a company in Mexico to bring products according to the market needs. Bemex was created to import the product, distribute it, install it and take care of it to the point that it was competitive. But, it no doubt, is part of Metronia Group.

Which is the position of the company in Mexico? Which is the strategy to keep on growing in this market?
As I said, "Let the cobbler stick to his last". We want to keep on reinforcing what we already know how to do and keep on strengthening our specialty which, historically, is bingo. Both in the installation of equipment of traditional bingos, which is what originally Metronia has as business philosophy, and in electronic bingo, which has been the machine formula for a growing market, we intend to improve day after day to seek a top-quality level.

Since the entering of Class III machines to the market, Have you maintained the growth of Class II? How do you think Class III has had influence in Mexico?
Class II is not a competitive product, on the contrary. It has represented a product to support a shy market, a very young market that lacked players and demand. Class III has brought a liberalization of products in the offer level, it has generated much more market movement creating new players. Thus, the online bingo sector has been benefited, because our especialty, as it is a social game, reaches any social level easily. It has no doubt improved a lot, both our products and the ones connected to us, from other manufacturers.

Which are the most important markets for Metronia?
Due to its dimension as a group, Metronia has markets in Latin America, because we have presence in almost all Central America. In Europe, we are located in England and Norway and specially, in Spain. As our headquarters is located there, the firm has more influence than the other manufacturers.
We will keep on growing as long as we consolidate even more our range of products, especially considering the results in Mexico. Because we think that Mexico is the best scenario to reinforce our capacity with regards to other markets.

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