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June 21, 2021

Interview to Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Director of the firm

Grupo Amusgo presented two new products in Mexico

(Mexico, exclusive During the 2011 edition of ELA, interviewed Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Director of Grupo Amusgo, who remarked the qualities of the products they exhibited at the show and talked about the strategic importance of the Mexican market for the company.


ow do you see the exhibition this year?
From the beginning, ELA was remarkable for being an event that represents the Mexican market. Because of this, its evolution has been quite positive. Important Mexican actors are involved in this event from its beginnings.

What products did you present at ELA 2011?
We brought five products, of which two are new. Our star product is the AlfaStreet roulette. We are also presenting Amatic machines. We brought an improved version for the Mexican market of the two customized versions of the Black Jack machine: automated and hybrid, both electronically managed.

With regards to the novelties, due to the demand of Mexican customers, Amusgo developed a line of slots with the characteristics that they requested. We developed an interactive machine that brings players –when they do not win- the chance to move some of the reels and win in that play. This machine has already have a good performance here.

Thanks to a merger between Amusgo and a Japanese firm, we have incorporated BingoSan to the bingo market. We consider that this product will generate a significant change for people that have some doubts regarding online bingo machines. Besides, the venues that currently have maintenance costs - in personnel and material- will be benefited because each terminal of this product can be of just one cardboard or  of 16 series and may have up to 500 additional remote stations, on top of the 9 it has in its original format. It is totally random and 100% visual.

Which is the strategic importance that the Mexican market has for Amusgo?
Amusgo is born in Mexico due to the demand and circumstances that the market lived. When we entered, it was 100% leasing and participation. Once we decided to be co-participants with the gambling venues, we established a structure and decided that, before instaling a machine in the floor, they had to have a technical structure with the ability to maintain those equipments to a 100% level the 365 days of the year. Because without technical maintenance, no electronic machine may have real future.

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