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October 17, 2021

Eric Benchimol, Executive VP and general director of Win Systems

"The star product at ELA were applications based in Apple products"

(Mexico, exclusive .- Win Systems presented Win Games and Wigos systems at recent ELA event held last week. Yogonetinterviewed Eric Benchimol, Executive VP and General Manager of the company, who noted the submission of applications based on Apple products: a mobile terminal and a charging Ipad application that let casino operators see statistics of all that happens in the room.

hat novelties did you show at ELA?


In ELA, we presented two different types of products: in one hand, we presented our range of Win Games machines, a line of machines with downloadable games and jackpots, in which our novelty were two new models of latest generation cabinets with dual 22 "screen. Besides, within our multigame menu, we presented new games in our Win Games machines.


With regards to our bank system, our casino management system Wigos introduced several new features, the most striking are some applications based on Apple products. We exhibited a mobile recharge terminal for casinos, an Ipod touch with a card reader which allows runners to make chargers for all machines.


Moreover, we showed an Ipad application that allows casino operators to see what is happening in the room: they can see everything that is net win from all rooms in a single device, in real time, online and in one application.


Is it complex to implement?


It is very new, because it first needs to have all the information centralized in one place, what we call Supercenter, which most operators at least in Mexico don´t have. Then these servers remotely overturn this information to the Ipad device; it has a lot of information, it is very comfortable and very easy to use. In addition, it provides everything that the operator wants to know at all times, in real time, which is very important.


Is it designed for a particular market?


It can be used in any market where there are casinos, but obviously we have done it thinking in Mexico.


What has been the feedback from the public?


Great, the show was total success for us. We had many visitors very interested in new machines and in the cash system: it is very robust, well established and tight, which is already well established in Mexico. Many people have been interested in the system and obviously in Apple products, which has been the icing on the cake.


Is it necessary to have multiple iPad?


No, it is loaded on your IPAD as any other Apple application. There are some security settings, we have to see to whom we give permission to load it and then you have access to your room and all your casinos. You can see everything from the occupation at the time of the room, you can see what your best and the worst machines are at the time, you can see the bank, the records, all in real time.


What are the main markets for Win?


We are quite focused on Italy, which is a market with an important opportunity since the legislation changed a year ago. Another country in which we have very interesting topics is China.


What do you think of the ELA?


We have done very well, we are very happy. We have aleady known the show, we are present every year, we are growing and visitors enjoy our products.

Will you participate in any other shows this year?


This year, ELA is the only one. We're not going to Macau because China does not have an issue of Gaming but cell application, and that is a topic that is not presented at the event.


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