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October 17, 2021

Ey! Mexico 2011 Conferences

CIE and Codere analyzed the present and future of the Mexican market

(Mexico, exclusive The session "Mexican Operators: Analysis of growth" was the topic that opened the second edition of the conferences organized by Yogonet held within ELA exhibition. The problems of the market, the lack of current regulation and the indiscriminate granting of gaming licenses were among the topics discussed by executives from Codere and CIE.


he president of local entity Asociación de Permisionarios de Juegos y Sorteos, Alfonso Perez Lizaur, was in charge of the opening of the first session, which included the presence of Carlos Zamudio, CIE Group Game Director, and Beatrice Rangel, Codere Mexico President.

In his statement, Beatrice Rangel referred to the current state of economics and the growth of the Latin countries, as well as the potential of the sector in the region. "Latin America has in the gaming industry a major entertainment destination. From Codere’s point of view as foreign investors, Mexico is a place of much appeal. "

The executive added: "Mexico has an institutional framework that has enabled economic development without political destabilization. Of course, it also has some weaknesses. The gaming industry does not have a firm law, because there is no clear framework for granting licenses and it because illegality has increased. If no limits are placed to regulators when issuing licenses, we may have a market with too many licenses, which will finally be counterproductive.”

“This situation must be prevented to have a regulatory framework that facilitates the diversity of entertainment. I feel we have to think about our sector as we think about the financial sector. The framework must promote competition, the strength, moral and it should have a growth framework in which investments are justified. And these investments will enable professionalization and the arrival of new technologies,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Carlos Zamudio referred to the fast growth experienced by the Mexican market. "There are two factors that have contributed to this growth. On one hand, we find the confidence of society and of different actors. When we started this industry several years ago, we had a sort of pre-conceived ideas about what were these establishments. We have achieved public confidence gradually.

On the other hand, we also have the confidence of the authorities. This allowed us to achieve transparency with the public. These two actors have been key to the Mexican market growth. Today, the industry is in a crossroads, because the factor of attracting to many investors is being reversed."

The excess of a gaming offer in many cities means that the image before the public is more negative. Mexico is a young and big industry, but for growing it requires many more skills, not just marketing or customer management, but also knowing how to deal with local authorities."

Lizaur Perez's vision on the current Mexican market coincided with both speakers. "Currently, this activity is listed as an activity for adults within the legal framework. We must be very careful in Mexico to take care of the road that has already been done.”

Speaking about the future, Codere’s President for Mexico said: "There must be a balance between competition and control. You have to know within the sector's growth strategy, when to adopt certain innovations and how to translate them into a regulatory framework. Also, it is important to have the capacity to satisfy the players, operators and state aspirations. The local government has to understand what we are doing. This common interest with the governments is crucial.”

Zamudio's vision focused on the opening of game rooms. "I see a growing future but with some difficulties. There is a huge saturation of gaming in some cities. However, new venues are still opening. This industry sometimes does not seem very rational. A huge casino is opened, and another similar is opened two weeks later. This is not good for the industry and neither for to society. "

As a final thought, Lizaur Perez said: "The activity has exceeded the legal environment. We will continue inviting lawmakers and authorities to update the regulation, because the activity moves certainly much faster than laws. "


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