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October 25, 2021

Hector Collazo, President of Caribbean Gaming Distributors, Cammegh distributor

“We are able to exhibit most of our product line at ELA this year”

(Mexico, exclusive Hector Collazo, head of Cammegh’s distributor in Latin America, Caribbean Gaming Distributors, talked to and explained about the products that the firm will be showing at ELA this week, and their expectations and views of the Mexican market.


hat products will you exhibit at ELA 2011?
We will be highlighting a Cammegh wheel and Billboard as well as a few models of Classico Seating chairs. But we will also have available our line of chips, table game layouts, Midwest precision dice and Carmanah table game limit signs.

What are your expectations about the show?
Our expectations for the show are very high. We have already been working in Mexico for the past five years with very good results. At this year’s show we will be able to exhibit most of our product line, something that was not possible to us in past editions, and we are prepared to make a statement with our product line and we have a very impressive booth.

How do you see the Mexican market?
It is still the market with the most potential in this part of the world and I don't see that changing for the next couple of years. Regulation needs to be completed so that the rules of play are clear to everyone. Millions of dollars have been and continue to be invested in Mexico by investors, operators and equipment suppliers without a proper regulation in place that would guarantee that those investments are safe.

What is your marketing positioning in Mexico?
Our position in Mexico is very good. We have had great success with the full line of Cammegh products with some of the top operators in the market. CIE, PRINGSA and Tilley Entertainment are just some of the operators who have selected Cammegh as their principal product, as well as many of the smaller operators throughout the country.
Classico Seating chairs are in many of the new casinos, more so in Guadalajara, where we have supplied chairs to Twin Lions, Bugambilias and Egyptian casinos.
We have also agreed to a partnership with Mario Aguilera of Mesas de Juego in Monterrey in which they will offer our products and we will offer their tables. Mario has also had great success with the Cammegh products and the projections for this year are exciting.

What are your projects for this country?
Our project is simple, we will continue to offer our products and support to this market as we have been doing in the past. Our products are industry leaders and it has not been by chance that we have had such good results. It is a combination of having the best products at competitive prices and hard work. Our clients are very aware of what they are purchasing, they have studied the market and have had offers to buy ever product available. But they have chosen to purchase Cammegh and Classico Seatings because they want the best product available.

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