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October 28, 2021

Pedro Galindo, President of ELA 2011

"We estimate that ELA 2011 will be a success that will exceed any of the previous editions"

(Mexico, exclusive .- Mexican ELA trade show will open its doors tomorrow at Banamex Center in Mexico City. Just a few days before the opening of the event, its President, Pedro Galindo, shared with details of the fourth edition, which will have for the first time, the participation of the SEGOB as an exhibitor.

few days before to the start of the show, almost hours, how are you preparing?


Of course, when you are so close to the opening of an event such as our fourth annual Latin American Exposition of Gaming, ELA-Mexico, we already have everything organized and planned. This does not mean that everything will go to 100% of projections. There are always last-minute events that can disrupt normal development. However, and I am not mistaken, the most important issues are controlled. At ELA, we give more time to exhibitors to set up their stand than most of the exhibitions. This helps architects and decorators to work with less pressure.


On the other hand, celebrating our event at the Banamex Center, the best in Latin America, helps that everything is under control. It is the best and also the most expensive, but this is an addition we are delighted to offer to our customers.

What's new for this edition? What will the exhibitors and visitors find?


It is very difficult for a show itself to have news. The exhibitors make the innovations. What we have to do is set the most suitable framework for them to develop their business activities.


However, there is a major event for the 2011, which is the participation of Secretaría de Estado de Gobernación de México (SEGOB), which is the Ministry that rules the gaming activity in this country, which have their own and institutional stand for the first time. Last year, SEGOB’s representatives attended to the official opening ceremony, after which they toured the main stands of the show, talked with exhibitors and gave the opening keynote of EY! Encuentro Yogonet 2010.


This year, they will repeat the same agenda and also will receive visitors at their booth. Notably, they will receive the “As de Oro”award given by Casinos de Latinoamerica magazine for their outstanding activity on the normalization of legal gambling and the eradication of illegal venues. The “As de Oro” is considered the highest award granted to Latin American institutions and companies in our sector.

Some large companies like Bally and IGT, among others, chose not to participate this year. Which was the reason?


They didn’t give any reason at first. Simply, some chose not to participate in the 2011 edition, as others had done in 2010, 2009 or 2008. Companies have every right to decide their policies, not only about the participation in trade shows but also in fields like R+D+i, marketing, etc....


We didn’t even think on asking why. It was their decision and we have respected it from the begining. Obviously, we are happy if they come back to join us in upcoming editions, while most of them will be participating as visitors. That are corporate policies and we do not enter or go out of them.


How does this affect the show?


The issue didn’t affect us in a major way, as the show quickly filled with other companies that took their places. When these four or five manufacturers of gaming machines chose not to participate, there were other leaders in Mexico who were delighted, because, as stated, would have less competition and would close more comercial deals.

Which companies will be participating as exhibitors for the first time?


Fortunately, the list is extensive and includes many countries. More and more companies realize the enormous commercial potential offered by the Mexican market and that ELA is the best way to present their products to operators.


The ones that should be highlighted include: the Spanish Recreational Franco, who has the second largest booth at the fair after, Eibe-Ortiz Gaming, Jestronic, Cards Fournier, Miguélez and Secartys; the U.S. GPI, Paulson, Gemaco, Digideal; the European Abbiati (Italy), Amatic (Austria), EGT (Bulgaria), Magic Play (Poland), ACE Entertainment (Ireland), Quixant (United Kingdom), Judge and Vis Games (Ukraine); the Magical Mexican Techno Power, Tedder, Adimsa , AIEJ, Dimatuvi, Entretenimiento Koala, Mesas de Juego, Global Gate, Security Corp AM, Ypasa, Mi Mesa de Poker...; Argentine firms like EZ Mix and Ed Roberts, the Honduran Lluvia de Oro, the Panamanian TTH Global Gaming Technology Solutions; the Asian Matsui and Jaukang...

What ingredient provides the realization of a conference like EY! in the context of ELA? What are the expectations for the second edition of this conference?


For us, of course, is important because it attracts to a segment of highly qualified professionals visitors, who want to know the true reality of the Mexican gaming market and want to hear directly from those actively involved, as well as government authorities or as operators and manufacturers.


Which are your goals for this fourth edition of ELA?


Obviously, the show has sold out its spaces and had to make three extensions. In early April, it was full again. Our Executive Committee took the decision not to expand and devote all efforts to improve the show for the benefit of exhibitors. Therefore, with all the exhibition floor booked nearly a month before the opening, which does not happen in any other event in the world, the view we have is necessarily a success.


We estimate that ELA 2011 will be a great success thaat will exceed any of the previous editions. This, that seems very logical, is not since two years, as the global economic crisis has generated in all the shows around the world lower numbers than in previous years. This has not happened with ELA in 2009 or 2010. And in 2011 we expect to continue the upward trend.


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