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September 23, 2021

Tony Morrison, Money Controls’ European Sales Director

“As part of Crane, Money Controls can now offer products to both the Spanish and Italian markets”

(UK, exclusive After participating in FER-Interazar and Enada under Crane Payment Solutions umbrella, Tony Morrison, Money Controls’ European Sales Director, gave balance about these fairs and comment about Spanish and Italian markets.

ow was the experience of participating at FER-Interazar and Enada under Crane Payment Solutions umbrella for the first time?


Both exhibitions were very successful for us. As well as providing a showcase for our products, the shows were the first in Spain and Italy where Money Controls, CashCode and NRI were exhibiting together on one stand under the Crane Payment Solution company umbrella.


What was the feedback of your actual and potential clients?


Visitors to the shows were pleased to see how Money Controls’ products complement the existing product and technology portfolio offered by Crane Payment Solutions. Moving forward, we can now present one unified team to engineer and deliver state of the art payment management systems worldwide and feedback from customers has been very positive on this. The group now offers more choice to customers and that is a good thing for everyone.


What are your main products targeted at the Italian market?


Crane Payment Solutions has a complete range of payment solutions for the Italian market. The range of products for gaming, AWP and VLTs include bill acceptors, coin acceptors and hoppers. Main products include Money Controls’ Ardac Elite, and CashCode’s Bill-to-Bill 60 bill recycler. The Ardac Elite is the first and only field-proven imaging bill validator which will accept ‘street money’ in virtually any condition, and inserted at virtually any angle and is compatible with almost all gaming machines. Additional products for the market include the Universal Hopper, NRI’s h2 hopper, the CashCode one and Money Controls’ SR5i coin validators and PayLink USB Integration Module. 


And what about Spain?


Crane Payment Solutions have a range of solutions to cater for the needs of the Spanish market and these were all on display in Madrid. Amongst the cutting edge products exhibited were coin acceptors, hoppers, bill validators and recyclers, and product integration software including CashCode’s Bill-to-Bill 60 bill recycler and Money Controls’ Ardac Elite. The Bill-to-Bill 60, the industry’s first proven 60-bill recycler designed for the European AWP market which accepts 5 through to 50€ bills and can then store and recycle 5’s, 10’s or 20’s to payout as change or dispense as winnings. With it, AWP machines can maintain longer uptimes without having coin hopper depletion.

What are the potentials of these two markets? How important are they for the company?


As part of the Crane Payment Solutions group, Money Controls can now offer an enhanced range of products to both the Spanish and Italian markets, and they remain important markets for us. Whether it is the Bill-to-Bill 60, the v2 Eagle or our own Ardac Elite, we have a strong offering to help benefit customers’ businesses. In Italy our products are approved on a range of machines from gaming and AWP to VLTs. For example the ccTalk interface and footprint for NRI’s h2 hopper is the industry standard for the Italian market.


What are Money Controls’ plans for the coming months?


Both Crane Co. and Money Controls had strong product ranges with an excellent reputation and integration of Money Controls into the group has gone smoothly. We are now training people across the whole group in all the enhanced products on offer so we can work more closely on providing excellent customer support. We are looking forward also to G2E Asia where Crane will be presenting a range of products include the CashCode one bill validator, as well as our own Ardac Elite and Universal Hopper.


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