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September 26, 2021

The initiative was sponsored by Senator Felipe Gonzalez

Mexico presented a draft for a Federal Gambling Law

(Mexico).- Last 24th March, the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) through Senator Felipe Gonzalez, presented a draf for a new Federal Gambling Law aiming to combat influence traffic on the granting of permits and authorizations for operating gaming venues, andl also to inhibit the action of organized crime.


onzalez said that the lack of regulation, supervision and legal control of different types of gambling generates anarchy, lawlessness, fraud and corruption in this activity.

He noted that the new law proposes three months to three years of prison and a fine of 10 thousand to 100 thousand of minimum salaries for individuals or companies that operate banned games of chance and lotteries, or that don’t have the permission or authorization to do so.

The same penalties would apply to owners, managers or local administrators of places  where operates prohibited games or game machines, instruments or electronic systems without authorization and certification of the Interior Ministry.

Gonzalez also stated that it was proposed that SEGOB could ask to states, municipalities and the Federal District, a report on the social, economic and public safety in the area where there is an intention to install a gambling venues.

In addition, in order to prevent money laundering, before issuing or renewing a permission, SEGOB will have to check criminal, tax, credit and trade records of partners and managers of commercial companies with or that apply for a license.

Former governor of Aguascalientes noted that the permits issued by the agency should contain the number of permitted venues that the licensee's economic capacity allows to open and operate within a maximum period of three years.

The initiative stablishes the obligation to certify machines, machinery, equipment and any technical device or electronic system that is used to hold games of chance and lotteries. Regarding the duration of the games, the opening and operation of horse racetracks, dog tracks, gables, remote betting centers and bingo parlors numbers will have a maximum term of 10 years.

"All this allows us to state that the permissions for the organization and marketing of games of chance and lotteries will be awarded considering the public interest," said Felipe Gonzalez. The initiative was referred to the committees of Government and Legislative Studies, for analysis and dictamination.

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