International edition
June 25, 2021

During last FER Interazar trade show

Crane showcased enhanced product range in Spain

(Spain).- Recent edition of FER-Interazar show was the first time that Money Controls exhibited in Spain under the Crane Payment Solutions umbrella, showcasing products from their own range, as well as those of CashCode and NRI.


rane Payment Solutions have a range of solutions to cater for the needs of the Spanish market and these were all on display in Madrid. On the stand were coin acceptors, hoppers, bill validators and recyclers, and product integration software including:

Ardac Elite bill validator:  Money Controls’ Ardac Elite is the first and only field-proven imaging bill validator. Its state of the art imaging technology and 4-way barcode reader allows customers to insert barcode tickets in any orientation, increasing acceptance rates and user satisfaction. It has established an excellent reputation, particularly in the demanding environment of casino gaming, where any breakdown or poor acceptance rates can be very costly.

Bill-to-Bill 60 bill recycler: CashCode’s Bill-to-Bill 60 was the industry’s first 60-bill recycler designed for the European AWP market. It accepts 5 through to 50€ bills and can then store and recycle 5’s, 10’s or 20’s to payout as change or dispense as winnings. With it, AWP machines can maintain longer uptimes without having coin hopper depletion. What’s more, the bank notes used to payout are the same ones the unit receives. Labour savings are also being made by not having to refill bank note dispensers and / or coin hoppers.

Universal Hopper: This product offers unrivalled performance, reduced operating costs and an extended lifetime. Among the other attributes, is its large capacity, which reduces the number of empty or refill cycles. The Universal Hopper can hold up to 1,200 Euros, 950 one pound coins, or 1,500 US 25 cent coins. The Universal Hopper is suitable for almost all global coin sets, including coins with holes, without the need for adjustment.

NRI h2 hopper: The Currenza h² is NRI’s latest design, offering fast, safe and reliable payout. This new generation of hoppers provides payout speeds of up to 8 coins per second with a capacity of 1,000 coins, with optional extension of up to 2,000 coins. Available in four sizes, the h² is switchable to parallel or serial ccTalk operation. The h² is fully compatible with the industry standard for the Spanish market.

Other products that will be showcased include Money Controls’ PayLink USB Integration Module and NRI’s new v2 eagle, which shows the best in class validation technology for AWP solutions.

Sergi Rueda Money Controls’ Sales Manager for Spain said: “As part of the Crane Payment Solutions group, we can now offer an enhanced range of products to the Spanish market for all situations. Whether it is the Bill-to-Bill 60, the v2 Eagle or our own Ardac Elite, we have a strong offering to help benefit customers’ businesses.”

“The market is already focusing on bill recycling and we expect the Bill-to-Bill 60 to become the best suited solution for this, while the v2 Eagle guarantees outstanding coin security through use of the unique MFT validation technology. Meanwhile PayLink allows easy integration of payment systems for PC based platforms, allowing a comprehensive payment solution,” he concluded.


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