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September 20, 2021

Jan Jones, Caesars' Senior VP for Communications and Public Relations

“We support federal legislation so that individual states can choose whether to allow their citizens to play online”

(US, Exclusive talked to Jan Jones, Caesars' Senior Vice President for Communications and Public Relations, about the new poker-only bill that has been introduced in Nevada, allowing land-based casinos to form agreements with offshore operators including those taking US bets. Caesars Entertainment, along some of the others powerful casinos, are lining up against the proposal.


hy Caesars Entertainment does not support Assembly Bill 258?
We are proponents of federal legislation because Internet gambling is an interstate activity conducted across state lines. Our focus is primarily federal legislation that would address Department of Justice restrictions, establish appropriate licensing and regulation, provide consumer protections and generate tax revenues that would be shared by the federal government and states that opt to allow their citizens to play online. In addition, under a state authorization process, states will not have the tools to keep unlicensed operators out of the internet space which will cost the US jobs and revenues.

In what stage is this bill now?
The Nevada bill is in hearings before the state Legislature.

Is Caesars Entertainment supporting any bill that has already been introduced? What is it about?
We support federal legislation that would allow individual states the ability to choose whether to allow their citizens to play online. Such legislation would also allow licensed U.S. casino operators to participate in what is a growing global market without jeopardizing their existing licenses, as well as protect consumers and increase tax revenues to state and federal governments.

In your opinion, what should be the next step for the Federal Government in pos of allows online gambling?
We would like to see Congress pass appropriate legislation this year. We and many of our colleagues in the U.S. gaming industry are explaining the benefits of a rational approach to the legalization and regulation of online poker, an activity enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts all over the world, in the hopes that Congress will take an action.
What does poker represent for Caesars Entertainment?
We own the World Series of Poker, the richest, most recognized and most popular poker tournament in the world. We've launched WSOP and Caesars-branded online sites in European nations where online gaming is legal, and would like to capitalize on the brands' popularities elsewhere, including in the United States.

What benefits could online gaming bring to the firm?
Legalization of online poker in the U.S. would represent a growth opportunity for Caesars Entertainment and other U.S. gaming companies.

What can you anticipate about your participation at this year’s World Gambling Briefing?

I look forward to sharing ideas and learning about new developments in the global marketplace.

What novelties we should expect about US online gaming legislation this year?

While specific actions are difficult to predict, we would like to see Congressenact legislation that allows U.S. casino companies to compete in this growing market and permits American citizens who want to play poker online to do so on sites that are regulated and licensed and that provide strong consumer protections. We've seen positive momentum on both the federal and state levels, though we've always believe a federal framework is a more holistic approach. However, if Congress fails to act, we will have no choice but to seek a state-by-state solution.

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