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October 28, 2021

Developed by the Suzo Happ development team

Suzo Happ presents its new innovative products for the gaming industry

(Netherlands).- Suzo-Happ Group, as a global leader in component technology in the gaming industry, presents its new range of products: Coin Hopper Flow, Flip Card Unit, push button solutions and the RGB Slot machine handle.


oin Hopper Flow
The Hopper Flow from Suzo Happ is the perfect solution when multi-denomination coin pay-out is required. Practically all the euro coins used for game play can be paid out from one hopper – the Hopper Flow. Thus, all coins between ten euro cents and two euros can be paid out from this one hopper.

The challenge is to maintain a high payout rate when tackling multi-denomination payout. The experience and knowledge of the Suzo Happ development team has solved this challenge – the Hopper Flow can pay out up to seven coins per second. Three different bowl sizes (standard, medium and large) give gaming manufacturers further flexibility to ensure that the correct coin capacity can be stored.

Flip Card Unit
Live poker is growing in popularity and so in importance to the gaming industry. Suzo Happ has responded by developing the ideal way to flip cards. The new Flip Card Unit comes in two standard sizes to ensure machine flexibility (thus holding either 60 or 72 cards). Security is key as the Flip Card Unit is designed to note movement detection.

Furthermore, there are three motor steps for each card. A separate mounting cradle ensures optimal machine assembly and allows very easy access for maintenance purposes. The units can be stacked together (as they are interlocking at the top and bottom) or mounted individually. Manufacturers can choose to drive the cards via the host or via the Suzo-Happ control board. The Flip Card Unit is rounded off with RGB LED illumination.

A completely new range of push button solutions
Push buttons are an integral feature on slot machines. These components are subject to the most use on the slots. Button reliability is key to maintain machine uptime. The new push buttons from Suzo Happ combine a stylish new design with universal connectors. Furthermore, the white and RGB LED’s inside bring new brilliant colours to the buttons.

RGB Slot machine handle
The RGB slot machine handle is a perfect solution both for new slot machines and ones on the gaming floor. The RGB handle can be programmed to light in any colour of the rainbow. Indeed, it can be programmed to often alter its colour and so attract players to the slot machine. Being mounted on the outside of the machine means that it can simply be implemented into existing machines.

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