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It has simpler packaging and will be referred as G2S v1.1

GSA announces G2S re-released

United States
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It provides a common interface between devices and systems, as well as supports essential networked gaming functions, such as software download, remote configuration, and advanced features. With G2S certified systems, operators have the ability to control and extract information from their gaming floors.


“Based on feedback we received from our members, the GSA Board of Directors decided to simplify the naming and streamline the multiple errata versions of the protocol”, said Peter DeRaedt, President of GSA.


“The G2S specification that the global gaming community has come to rely on, has not been changed, only the packaging. We believe that this change will provide the clarity that the industry needs to move forward," He added.


G2S is a communication protocol that unlocks the power of networked gaming and revolutionizes the way information is exchanged between Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and back-of-house systems.

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