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October 25, 2021

At London

Atronic’s booth featured a successful ‘Innovation Area’ at ICE 2011

(UK).- The booth of Atronic at ICE 2011 featured an ‘Innovation Area’ showcasing the company’s latest range of new concepts and innovations for casinos. The concepts exhibited at ICE this year are also designed to help casinos differentiate themselves clearly from the competition.


ith new services and features, in order to attract and retain new types of players, particularly new, younger segments of the market and internet players.


FloorMaster displays a graphical and interactive representation of the entire casino floor. In this way, casino managers have access to key real-time information, including the EGMs’ (Electronic Gaming Machine) status, performance of each machine, and most importantly, guest information. Available on both desktop touch-screens and mobile devices-


myGuest is designed to enable the casino to personalize player relationships on a one-to-one basis, thus setting the casino apart from the competition. Accessible on an iPhone or other smart phone on the casino floor, staff can identify the casino club members who are currently playing, consult their membership status and overall game history, preferences, etc. Real-time information is provided; including the time that player entered the casino, how long he or she has been playing, and that day’s win/loss status.


Another new rewards system from Atronic uses SMS to attract players into the casino. “We have received a lot of interest from land based casinos with internet gaming for this solution,” said Simon Dorsen, Sales Director for Atronic’s System Division.


Promotional credits are sent to players via SMS to be redeemed in the casino. Once in the casino, the player can then transfer his promotional credits to the EGM from his mobile phone using secure Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. “There are endless promotional possibilities for this system,” says Dorsen. “Players could redeem their rewards at the casino restaurant or shop without the need to print or carry anything else with them other than their mobile phone. It is a powerful marketing tool using the latest technology.”


Atronic Systems also taps into the current trend of rating every experience we encounter, offering an innovative feature that is particularly attractive to younger players. Using NFC technology, players can tag and rate their experience of the game on individual slots on the floor using their smart phone, just as they can rate products or services on websites. In addition, the back-end system can log this information against their player profile to build an accurate picture of their playing habits.


In addition to new technology and devices, Atronic Systems also presented additional side game ideas for the EGM in the Innovation Area. They provide an additional dimension to the slot machine involving social gaming concepts and interaction with other players on the floor. This is another innovative gaming concept from Atronic, which will appeal to a new generation of younger players.


The booth also featured myBar, conveniently allowing players to order drinks to be delivered to the EGM without interrupting play. The qpon cash ticketing system and chip cash smart card solution are part of Atronic’s suite of tried-and-tested cashless payment solutions. Real time card transactions can be performed on the floor with a light and powerful handheld device - another new product presented on the booth this year. Ecash is the cash redemption terminal (CRT) supporting cashless solutions and caters for jackpot payments, with self-service transactions available in the near future.


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