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September 23, 2021


Madrid proposes news to gaming sector and authorized electronic bingo

(Spain) .- The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid agreed last week to submit to the Economic and Social Council, the draft decree amending the rules of group games and gambling money, better known as bingo, and will between other developments for the first time allow electronic bingo.


his was announced by Vice-Minister of Culture and Sport spokesman, Ignacio González, noting that the goal is to revitalize the collective gaming and gambling money by modernizing and updating the supply of game, with the incorporation of technological elements making "a game more appealing to new audiences and thus promote the creation of new jobs."


This sector, which employs more than 5,000 locals, is facing a deep crisis in recent years has meant a reduction in the number of rooms. This situation is being aggravated in recent months with the economic crisis, and especially since the beginning of the year due to the adoption of the Anti-Tobacco Law.


With this decree, which authorizes the electronic bingo, and winning combinations are not only the traditional bingo and line, but significantly extend the possibilities of awards such as the corners or the cross. Furthermore, to make it more attractive winning percentage increases to 80 percent quarterly.


The decree approves new measures to generate activity in sectors other than bingo, expanding market opportunities such as gambling games. Thus, regulating the games specifically for use on the Internet, expanding its definition and overcoming the technical limitation of the previous rules to a physical support.


The decree also addresses many of the requests of the sector in the field of horse betting. In this way, are allowed on the premises Horseracing betting and bets are made through these companies in their own racetrack, prior agreement between both entities.


It also authorizes mutual bets are made with other national and international racetracks (simulcasting) and support auxiliary of betting machines at the Hippodrome de la Zarzuela, which until now only allowed in the lockers. On the other hand, reduces the percentage of awards in horse race betting, which rose from 78% to 70%.


In the field of gaming machines, increase the interconnection of awards classified under the heading B3, to homogenize them with other communities. Currently, the private game has more restrictions than the national lotteries and other lotteries. To avoid this situation, the new decree extends the possibilities of advertising.


Thus, advertising is allowed in private gaming, unless it specifically encourages play, because until now could only announce the name of the company, the games played, time and ancillary services. In addition, extending the protection of minors by prohibiting the sponsorship of publications, programs aimed at children or spaces.


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