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September 17, 2021

Interview with Yeshua Martinez Sigala Amusgos´s Sales Director

Gaming Amusgo will begin to offer its products to the Mexican market

(UK, exclusive In an interview at recent ICE 2011, Yeshua Martinez Sigala, Sales Director of Amusgo, commented about the products that the firm will begin to offer to the Mexican public, seeking to consolidate as a top international provider and, then, expand to the rest of Latin America.

owadays you are working on a new company that landed in the Mexican market, what con you tell us about this release? Can we say there is a new name in the market in offering products to operators in Latin America?



Indeed. The company is called Amusgo Gaming and was born from the need to operate in the Mexican market.


We started a merger and operate equipment there and the market requires us to grow with new products. In the past year and a half, we made a fusion at acquired a development company, as we merge with a company in Japan and have invented a product that is coming to Mexico next month.


Today this development is in travel, having gone through several prototypes and testing changes, until get a product that we believe will revolutionize the market, giving bingo players a real version of what in fact they already play in electronic games.


This machine will be in the Mexican market in the next 30 days, and we will put it to work at the moment it arrives, because they come with their name from the country of origin. Additional to that, Amusgo slot machine is a machine that we developed for the market of repeat customers, which we believe will give them another option to the players.


What are the main features or main highlights of these products, above the rest of the offer, that now the Mexican operator can receive?



Above all, we're talking about a product that is in Mexico, but is designed for all markets.


On the product side, both the player and the operator, we can say that will offer them several things. The players will have the option to see physically what is already being done virtually.


The machine has three wheels, with real areas that fall on real numbers, and the player can see and verify that no kind of adaptation to a percentage, but it really is a machine 100% random.


Regarding the profile of the product that you offer, and beyond their level of development, can be understood as products economically available for all types of rooms or as premium products for major gaming operators exclusively?


Let's put it this way: the products will be premium for its quality and its development, but will be accessible to all markets.


Prices will be in the range or below the traditional slots, and all those who cannot or who prefer to participate in the business, also have the opportunity to negotiate with us, if not afford to buy them.


What portion of the market expects to cover in the first months or first year of filing?



We are really going to let the market decide what percentage it will be offering to us. We are open to negotiation from the smallest to the maximum rate they offer us. The fact is that product bingo can’t say that there is one similar, so those who want to use that kind of developments will have to talk to us, and we can negotiate any format that suits everybody's business improvement.


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