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June 24, 2021

Marzia Turrini, BetStone´s Head of Business Development & Marketing

“ICE was the perfect platform to launch BetStone’s new corporate brand identity and showcase our new XGS System”

(UK, exclusive BetStone launched at ICE its new corporate brand identity and showcased the new management software ‘XGS System’. Marzia Turrini, BetStone’s Head of Business Development & Marketing, talked to about the show, the future of the company and new products to be released next year.

ave you launched new products in London? How do you evaluate ICE 2011? What stands out from your participation this year?



ICE provided the perfect platform to launch our new corporate brand identity and showcase our new management software ‘XGS System’ to the gaming community. In addition to these developments, BetStone showcased our latest games release and international games portfolio.

With BetStone’s rapid growth, state of the art technology and product extensions, it’s an exciting time for the company and following the positive reaction to the new brand we are looking forward to the year ahead.

How do you see the industry for this year? What are your most important markets in Europe?


It is a time of great transition for the Server Based Gaming industry, as the regulation of new markets opens up opportunities for growth. And we can see this with many European countries already in the process of reviewing gaming legislation. Italy is a strong area of growth currently with the legalization of the new Video Lottery Terminals  (VLT’s) and BetStone has already planned installations of VLTs to Italian operators this year.

At BetStone, we’re well positioned to capitalize on these changes and are agile enough to move quickly and adapt to changing market conditions. When legislation in the Mexican market was changed, we were able to adapt quickly to introduce Class III gaming to the market through our Server Based Gaming platform.


What does Latin America represent for your company?


BetStone remains committed to delivering premium gaming content to the Latin American market and continue to expand our product lines with new features and functionality to ensure our customers have the content, which they need to expand market share. BetStone’s management software ’XGS system’ allows operators to have greater penetration in the Latin American market, by providing them with the necessary business intelligence to improve business performance.


Latin America has levels of growth varying from country to country. In Mexico, we are seeing continued growth accompanied by increased competition. BetStone continues to lead the trend in Server Based Gaming to deliver gaming to the market in the most cost effective manner.


What are your plans for next year?


BetStone is a high technological company, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve in terms of new product developments. Here are some of the products that we plan to launch:

-New game content: BetStone strives to stay at the forefront of game diversity and choice. New games, including video slots and bingo, with new features and bonuses will be included in our quarterly releases.

-Management software: BetStone’s XGS System is available for Operators to incorporate into their business with additional modules planned for release later this year. The XGS system is an intuitive management product that allows casino executives to securely analyze up-to-the-minute numbers in a multiplicity of different ways.


-BetStone’s Server Based Gaming platform ensures that software is delivered quickly, seamlessly and with minimal effort. This means that as these new software products become available, operators can integrate them into their businesses immediately, ensuring full benefit and value as quickly as possible. Investing in BetStone ensures operators are truly connected to the game.
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