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September 21, 2021

Joint interview to Aquiles Mila de la Roca and Roberto Flores

“ICE was the last exhibition that showcased Crane and Money Controls in separate booths”

(UK, exclusive interviewed Aquiles Mila de la Roca, Director of Sales of Money Controls for Latin America and Roberto Flores, Director of Business Development of CashCode for Latin America and the Caribbean. They spoke about the products that both firms presented at ICE show in London and about their expectations and goals for 2011.


ave you launched new products in London?
Innovation defines Crane Payment Solutions. Over the past 12 months, we have launched three major products targeted at the Gaming market. Our focus is to improve customer cost of ownership and operational efficiency through the CashCode Bill-to-Bill 60 single note recycler, the NRI v2 eagle coin validator and the CashCode oneCheck cash management system. The oneCheck system is very popular with casino gaming and VLT’s while the Bill-to-Bill 60 consistently illustrates improvements in operational costs for AWP and non casino gaming applications. The recently launched NRI v2 eagle shows best in class validation technology for AWP solutions. Also represented on the stand was the Universal Hopper by Money Controls. Engineered as an industry standard, the Universal Hopper has world-proven reliability with a low cost of ownership and many options.

What stands out from your participation this year?  How did the public respond?
Our main focus at this year’s exhibition was to educate the industry on the Money Controls acquisition by Crane which significantly strengthens Crane Payment Solutions in the industry. The main theme at both the Money Controls booth and the Crane Payment Solutions booth was Moving Forward with Money Controls.  Money Controls is now a brand of products for Crane Payment Solutions. We will continue to support all customers and their machines with all of our product brands. ICE was the last exhibition that showcased Crane and Money Controls in separate booths. Moving Forward, we are consolidating all exhibitions to be listed under Crane Payment Solutions starting with ENADA in Europe and FADJA in Latin America. Feedback from all visitors to both stands was positive. Customers are delighted to have the opportunity to choose from such a broad range of products

How do you evaluate ICE?
ICE has done a great job of rebranding itself this year with the new look, new website, which made ICE a really great show this year. There were many visitors to the show this year with positive reactions to the industry and the global markets which portrays a positive outlook for 2011. 

How do you see the industry for this year?  What was the scenario that you perceived in Earls Court?
Definitely ICE 2011 was a better show than the previous year which is an indication that the industry, as a whole, is on the upswing. We expect several countries in the region to progress forward once the legislations and/or regulatory approvals are in place which would be good news for everyone. 

What are your most important markets in Europe?
Quite frankly, our customer base is so well distributed across all of Europe, that our most important market are the technology segments within Europe. Our strategic focus is on gaming, retail, transportation, and vending markets. We work to be on leading edge of these industries through close partnerships with our customers.

What does Latin America represent for your company?
Latin America has always represented a very vibrant market for CashCode and Crane Payment Solutions. Now that the Ardac Elite from Money Controls and can be offered alongside the CashCode one bill validator, it gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a broader range of products versus just offering them a singular solution.

Which are your plans for next year?
2011 will be a very busy year for all of us at Crane with the introduction of Money Controls as a brand. We are in the middle of realigning our sales and distribution force to better serve our customers in all verticals throughout Latin America and the rest of the world. With the introduction of the Money Controls brand and the Ardac Elite we are poised to be the #1 payment solutions provider. Customer satisfaction remains our main target.

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