DRGT showed a wide range of cashless solution at ICE | Yogonet International
Opens up cashless gaming to all markets

DRGT showed a wide range of cashless solution at ICE

United Kingdom
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The iButton serves as the player identification and accesses the player account´s details. Ii is simple to upgrade the slot machine park with regardless whether the slot machines are mechanical or video-based with one or two screens. The three individual solutions are tailored specifically to such slot machines – drFast for reel-based slots, drTouch for video-based slots with a single monitor and drTouch² for video-based slots with two or more monitors.

The complete account information is shown on the monitor. This saves costs (no further player-tracking screen is required) and allows the information to be displayed in a very clear fashion.

DRGT appreciates the popularity of ticket-in, ticket-out and thus offers a system that incorporates cashless ticket gaming with or without the iButton. “The challenge has been to take this a step further”, notes Mr. Michiel van Dam, COO and co-founder. “That is why we have developed drTicket Serverless Ticketing and drSideBox”.

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