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June 23, 2021

Jens Halle, AGI’s Managing Director

“We can all feel a little more confident for the future as we work together to the benefit of the entire industry”

(UK). - The 2010 edition of G2E, held last November in Las Vegas, underlined industry expectations of a forthcoming global resurgence for the international gaming industry. According to Novomatic, fast forward to January 2011 and those expectations took a large step towards becoming reality; thanks in no small part to the vibrant and exciting ICE - Totally Gaming show in London’s Earls Court.

As the traditional high profile opening event of each year the international gaming industry relies on ICE to effectively ‘set the tone’ for the following months. Following the global downturn of 2008/9 and the knock-on effects into, at least, the first half of 2010 there have been welcome signs that a recovery has begun and confidence is, slowly, returning. Nurturing and growing that returning confidence requires a co-operative approach from all sectors of the industry, from the development of new and innovative products by manufacturers through to a willingness to invest by operators both large and small. Trade shows also have a vital role to play in the process; by providing a stage on which the various industry sectors can come together and promote the route to sustainable growth for the future: both short and longer terms,” states the company.


“ICE has gone through a period of uncertainty over its future and, while some questions remain, has benefitted from having to focus on providing for its exhibitors (over 400 of them this year) a show that allows business to be conducted in a positive and upbeat manner. At the end of the three show days of ICE the general consensus was that the show had indeed largely succeeded in recapturing the ‘glory days’ spirit of past events and thus been a positive factor in helping the international gaming industry move forward together.”


Novomatic had a whole new booth on which to present its new innovations. Booth had been totally redesigned in a spacious and more open look that many visitors likened to a space age concept.

Also, Novomatic presented a whole range of new products for 2011, including: 14 new coolfire ii games, 15 new Novo Line   games, for both vlt (video lottery terminal) and gds (games download system) applications.


Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) also presented two brand new mystery progressive jackpots: thunder god and wild nights, and a brand new community gaming novelty: bank blaster. These jackpot and community gaming products and their many diverse themes represent a whole new range of attractions for casinos worldwide and their guests.


AGI’s Coolfire II games combine innovative gaming concepts with outstanding game play and leading-edge technology. The proven international popularity of these games is further based on superb graphics and great sound impact that guarantee a thrilling gaming experience for guests.


The Coolfire   II game repertoire is available in a growing range of Super-V+ Gaminator multi-game mixes that each offer a great range of sophisticated mixes for every casino:

• Secure Fast Ethernet capability

• USB connectivity to peripheral components

• Touchscreen

• Superior, virtual surround sound with sub-woofer and active satellite speakers

• Available in various types of Multi-Screen Technology (MST®) cabinets

• Up to 27 high/low line games per mix

• Tokenisation available

• Multi-Denomination

• Multi-language options


The games presented at ice included: the innovative All Play game American Wilds, with extra bet for extra chances. Cape gold, a perilous journey on 10 lines, Era of Dragons, a 5-reel video game, fairy queen, a10-line, 5- reel fantasy game in a charming land of dragons, gnomes and pixies. For poker enthusiasts, Golden Hold´em, based on the traditional Texas Hold´em Poker variant.


Also new on display were: Golden Prophecies, a 10-line, 5-reel mystical journey in which a gypsy caravan crosses a musical terrain to the hidden chest of treasure, the shining 10-line 5-reel video game jewels 4 all deluxe, Threee! Deluxe, in which players can experience the fascination of the classic reel machine in 50s retro style, just fruits, a 10-line, 5-reel video game that takes the classic fruit game fun one step further, magic joker, a 10-line, 5-reel game with large prizes.


Reel Riders is an Allpay biker game where the Reel Riders are rockin’ and rollin’ the reels of luck, Sesame’s Treasures, an oriental fairytale on 20-lines and follow Ali Baba and the 40 thieves to their hidden treasure cave, The Reel Novoman, a vivid 20-line, 5-reel video game, Time Travel, a gripping 20-line, 5-reel comic classic and Winner’s Cup, a nautical 20-line, 5-reel video gaming regatta.


Coolfire I+ The internationally proven Gaminator cabinet, a well-known favorite in casinos worldwide, are now available with the new innovative Coolfire I+ gaming platform. Ultimate   10 Multi-Game-Mixes: A grand selection of internationally successful AGI gaming classics as well as brand new games is available on Coolfire I+ offering enhanced graphics and improved usability for the guest.


Novo Line: This system comprises all aspects of modern server based gaming in unison: • Novo Line VLT (Video Lottery Terminals), • Novo Line GDS (Games Download System).

Novo Line VLT and Novo Line GDS allow operators to design their own game mixes with the preferred choice of games that ideally meet the preferences of their guests in every location.


Thundergod Jackpot Join the battle, feel the thunder and win the riches of the gaming gods. Thundergod Jackpot is the brand new mystery progressive jackpot theme that will thrill your guests with the impressive Thundergod legend of the North.

Wild Nights is a mystery progressive jackpot available for both Novo Line VLT/GDS and Coolfire II. Wild Nights will thrill your guests with an inspiring party tour through Europe‘s most romantic cities for a reel good time.


Bank Blaster It‘s a team effort! Get together and try to crack the combination to a safe full of riches! Blast the bank and everybody wins in this Community Gaming experience! Bank Blaster is the new Community Gaming attraction that invites up to 5 of your guests to crack the safe. A maximum of 5 players can team up to dial open a combination safe lock. Every played game turns the dial up a notch. In the event that there are less than 5 active players, one can play on the next available dial. If the 5 dials are successfully lined up with the randomly given code number, the combination lock is cracked. The prize pool is distributed according to the amount played by each guest.


Novomatic’s Unique Combination NovoLine Novo Unity II adds new dimensions of functionality, flexibility and future proofing to every casino floor. The server based system opens a new era of total flexibility for operators and provides them with a unique tool to create a special entertainment world for the distinctive requirements of their casino: choosing the best from server based slot gaming solutions and electronic live games.


NovoLine Novo Unity II offers numerous advantages through its innovative server architecture and the integration into the comprehensive NovoLine system: unique multi-game capabilities – electronic live games and slots available in one system:

·    Sophisticated 3-D animated game layouts

·    Flexible, casino floor management

·    Unlimited number of terminal connections

·    Unlimited number of types of games

·    Online real-time monitoring

·    User-friendly configuration and maintenance

·    Future proof infrastructure


The unique new feature of the NovoLine Novo Unity II system is the flexible interconnecting of a great variety of electronic live games and slot games on a virtually unlimited number of individual player stations. This multi-game functionality allows the operator to link any chosen number of terminals to different games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Black Jack, Sic Bo and Bingo as well as a great slot games offering within one installation.


Novomatic Electronic Bingo Powered by NovoLine Novo Unity II, Novo Multi-Bingo and Novo Flying Bingo offer fast paced Bingo action and excitement on connected player terminals; in a secure single system environment. Novomatic electronic Bingo strikes a perfect balance between the thrilling action of the popular Bingo game and the appeal of secure, personalized electronic player stations. Make Novo Multi-Bingo and Novo Flying Bingo part of your NovoLine multi-game selection and give players the freedom to choose Baccarat, Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Sic Bo and Bingo as well as a growing range of slot games; without moving from their favorite seat.


AGI Managing Director Jens Halle expressed himself well satisfied at the close of ICE. He noted: “We have all spent a lot of time talking about the future of ICE and it was good to finally now be able to concentrate on business in the venue and under the organization that our customers told us they prefer. ICE has been a very satisfactory show. We have presented our great range of product innovations, met customers and guests from around the world of gaming and, I feel, pointed the way forward for the rest of this year. I think that we can all feel a little more confident for the future as we work together to the benefit of the entire industry.”


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