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October 15, 2021

Exclusive interview to Ferran Blanco, Deputy Director of the firm

Gigames presented in ICE its novel Cocktail Salon roulette

(UK, exclusive Gigames, company founded in 2003, belonging to Conei Corporation, participated for the first time as exhibitor at London event. With online casinos without croupier as main target, the firm is interested in arriving to Eastern European countries, Central America and South America. interviewed Ferran Blanco, Deputy Director of the firm, who remarked the agreements achieved during the show

hat products have you presented in ICE?


It is our first time in ICE with a booth. We were operators of casinos and bingo halls, but in 2006 we entered the Spanish market as manufacturers of machines. We are a young company leaded by Joan Lao, who, together with his brother Manuel, are founders of Cirsa.


What type of machines do you manufacture?


B-Machines for hostelling and arcade saloons. We also have other lines for betting terminals, although we do not do software but we facilitate the platforms. There are several Spanish communities that allow sportsbooks in hostels, bars and cafeterias. Those places require a terminal so the player can bet in a very simple way. Most of the companies that offer Internet bets have betting offices, or have a very complicated software that the player cannot handle on his own. At least it happens in Spain; I don’t know what is the situation in other countries. This issue will increase in Spain and we all think it can be very exportable.


It is the first time you present your products in London. Which are the most interesing markets, beyond Spain?


Due to the type of product we make, the most important market for us is the one of electronic casinos. It means, we target all gambling centers without croupier. This type of casinos may be seen in Eastern Europe and also in Central and South America. It is a start. We proposed ourselves to see how interested may operators from these markets be in a product such as Cocktail Salon, which we brought to London, and in Spain is a novelty because it is a roulette thatn includes multi games: videopoker, keno, etc. It means that it offers typical casino games which, although are random, are controlled according to the Spanish rulings. It is adaptable to other countries laws.


Cocktail is, then, the main attraction you have exhibited…


Cocktail has been the novelty. I haven’t seen anything similar, not only for the type of gaming presented but also for the type of furniture. It brings prestige to install it at the corner of a gambling hall, because it generates visual impact. It also brings superior features compared to any roulette that can be seen worldwide. The truth is that it had cause a positive impact on people.


What is the balance you can make of the three days of the event?


On one side, as many people from Spain came to the show, it has been useful for us to sell them and close operations.We see that there is a lot of interest in betting terminals and some countries start to open to its installation, such as the case of Denmark. Maybe there was little contact with South American and Eastern European companies for our Cocktail product.


Will you be present in other events?


We want to develop more products to go to other events. London has been our first contact.  Our initial bet was Birmingham event, that is not performed any more, and now we incorporated London to our schedule. We were interested in ICE due to the type of product which we count today. In the future, if we will keep on developing products for this segment, we will surely assist to more events.


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