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September 23, 2021

Ernst Blaha, President of Shuffle Master

“We experienced strong interest from key operators at ICE”

(Exclusive Ernst Blaha, President of Shuffle Master, granted an interview to to talk about the recent participation of the company at ICE show, held last month in London. He described the new products and spoke about the main improvements in table games technology and also about the main markets for the firm in Europe.

hat are you showing here at ICE?


At ICE, the main industry show for Europe, we focus on utility products for gaming tables, for example shuffling and chip sorting solutions, and on table games. That’s what our European as well as African customers are most interested in.

We put emphasis on following new products:

The i-Table Roulette combines the atmosphere of live gaming by using a dealer to conduct the game and still throw the ball with the enhanced security and velocity of electronic wagering and pay-outs. This doubles the speed compared to your traditional roulette game.

We show our i-Table, the path breaking solution for card games like blackjack, Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em: we still have a dealer and use real cards with a shuffler, but bets are wagered and paid electronically, which makes these games faster and more secure.

On the traditional live tables we are showing, among others, new poker variants: Shuffle Master owns the majority of the most successful game titles and side bets for the casino floor.

Last, but not least: Here at ICE it is the world premier for our new chip sorting machine Easy Chipper D. Its new, sleek design with fewer moving parts and easy access with automatic stack cutting for the dealer shall help the operator to increases spins per hour and reduce operating and maintenance cost.


And how was the show for the company?


I don’t have final numbers for a complete evaluation now, but we experienced strong interest from key operators for our product portfolio. We already improved revenues in our territory last year, and we are determined to provide great products and solutions to our customers also in the future.


Which are the main improvements in table games technology?


You see them here with our i-Table product range. These tables are hybrids between traditional casino games and electronic games. We still have real dealers who throw the ball on roulette or draw real cards on blackjack and poker games, but with the i-Table we also offer increased speed and even more excitement for the players through electronic wagering, new side bets and fast pay-outs. Main advantages for the operators are enhanced security, elimination of dealer mistakes and real-time results on the touch of a button. Furthermore, you can change the games on an i-Table within minutes to meet customers’ demands, and accurate player tracking is available as well. We are convinced that these hybrid games are the future for casinos.


Which are the most important markets in Europe?


I am proud to say that we have placed our products in every European country where gaming is legal. Because of our emphasis on table games and by providing innovative solutions, we gain business from emerging markets as well as from developed markets. There are very few legal casinos in Europe without Shuffle Master products on card or roulette tables!


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