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September 18, 2021

Sebastián Salat, WMS president international

“We will announce new appointments in the commercial and operational teams”

(UK, exclusive Within ICE 2011, interviewed Sebastián Salat, president international of WMS, who made a brief review of the main products that the firm showcased in London and shared his perceptions on the show. He also anticipated some of the future steps of the company.


ave you launched new products in ICE?

The products presented in ICE are those we recently presented in Las Vegas event. The novelty of our offer lies in the fact that products that were available in Las Vegas just for US and Canada are now also available for all the international markets.


In particular, I talk about server-based products such as Pirate Battle and portals Ultra Hit Progressive, or products like Lord of the Rings, which incorporate the Player’s Life application that uses Internet as a promotional tool for traditional gaming.


Together with those products, we have presented our new progressive The Godfather, which has caused authentic sensation, and our complete range of video products and mechanical reels based in our Bluebird 2 and Bluebird XD platforms. Among the video products, I would like to remark the new range of G+ De Luxe games, while Alice has been the favourite reel machine of the customers that have visited ICE.


We have also presented new games on Helios platform, in particular, multi-game Feature Pack, of the server-based portals to an individual machine, and our VLT for the Italian market, based in our prestigious Bluebird 1 platform.


What do you remark from your participation in London this year?

WMS has made strong focus in this ICE edition to present ourselves as a clear alternative in new sever-based game technologies. In the Tech Center of our stand we have showcased our applications of gaming download and remote configuration, as well as gaming portals. WMS has been the first company in presenting serve-based applications that, beyond the sole download of games, may help the operator offer their customers gaming experiences that cannot be offered through traditional technologies up to date.


How have you seen the event?

It has been evident that there are sympthoms of economic recovery in Western Europe, and that has been translated in more customers with capital to spend than in the two previous editions. Once more, ICE has demonstrated that is a guarantee of success, and it will be even more successful in the two future editions, when all of us manage to leave these difficult times behind.


How do you expect the market to develop during 2011? What is the outlook you could percieve in Earls Court?

We believe the recent recovery of Europe will consolidate, and in particular, we have many illusions in the Italian VLT market. We expect Asia to take up again the projects that recession postponed. We think we can grow in Africa and in Australia, in particular in this latest country in which WMS, despite being a new brand, is showing excellent results. Finally, I think Latin America and Mexico will continue being the most developed markets, which is promising for us due to our strong implantation in those markets. No doubt it is an encouraging outlook with multiple opportunities for our company worldwide.


In which way will the integration agreements between WMS Gaming and Konami signed last year be reflected in Latin America?

The integration agreement with Konami will be important in all the markets that adopt the server based operation, specifically in those that adopt the remote download and configuration of games. It is also a decisive step in the interoperability with the monitoring system of gaming machines manufactured by such firm.


Which are your main projects for the following months?

We will shortly announce new corporate appointments in the commercial and operational teams, something necessary for the expansion of our company, so an important objective is the integration of those resources to our organization. It has to be tuned with the commercial agreement of multiple opportunities identified in ICE. We have weeks of hard work, but we face them with the illusion and the satisfaction to see the way in which, once more, our customers have valued the innovative proposal of products from WMS.  I thank all of them.


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