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October 28, 2021

Zoran Puhac, Triple Crowns PR manager, at ICE event

“Making consistent legislative environment for the industry is the most important job to be done”

(UK, exclusive interviewed Zoran Puhac, Triple Crowns PR manager within ICE 2011 event, held last week in London. He commented the products launched by the firm, their performance on ICE 2011 and their plans to the upcoming year.


ave you launched new products in London?
We launched brand new, very innovative Triple Crown electronic roulette with three active wheels and additional playing options last year. At ICE 2011 we completed our Triple Crown offer launching new additional equipment canopy with LCD screens (displaying complete statistics of passed numbers and combinations) and brand new roulette chair to make players more comfortable. Both of new products, canopy and the chair, follows very interesting and fully functional artistic line made by Karim Rashid, who become one of the most fruitful industrial designers of present days.
What stands out from your participation this year? How did the public respond?
The common public traditionally responds very well to our products because of outstanding design of  Triple Crown roulette, additional interesting, very dynamic playing options and increased winning possibilities. We also noticed increased interest of casino owners, because they found out that three active wheels and playing options significantly speed up the whole game and bring more earnings for them in total score.
How do you evaluate ICE 2011?
There is no doubt that ICE is still the largest and the most important expo in the world and contact point for all kind of involved branches producers, casino owners, suppliers, advisors, governmental agencies, lawyers, etc . Differently from last year, when amusement industry had increased promotion, I think that ICE 2011 made a step closer to the gaming and betting industry.        
How do you see the industry for this year? What was the scenario that you could perceive in Earls Court?
Generally speaking, I think that there are some signs that better days will appear for the industry. I am pretty sure that making consistent and stimulating  legislative environment for the whole  industry around the world is the most important job to be done. The Internet and the whole spectrum of increased on-line gaming and betting options make inconsistent state monopoly and borders completely pointless step by step. I am convinced that industry continuously goes in the direction of combining movies, music, cartoons, TV and increased interaction with players, shortly entertainment.
What are the most important markets for the company in Europe?
Triple Crown company targets are very widely and there are no less important markets in Europe for us. Besides that, according to outstanding design of Triple Crown roulette, it would be very interesting for us to have an opportunity to design a brand new fancy interior of a casino, following the designers idea of our roulettes. I am convinced that it would be perfectly suitable for some of touristic destinations on the Mediterranean coast.
What does Latin America represent for your company?
The market of Latin America is very interesting for our company because of the passion of players there and their affinity for good design. I think that Triple Crown roulette with very dynamic game, additional game option (eg. Wheel of luck and Poker) and interesting design can reach all needs of Latin America players.
Which are your plans for this year?
In this very moment we are reaching GLI license for our new products and we expanded our offer with small Triple Crown roulette with one wheel for up to four players. According to this, we have to continue innovative development of our products and, of course, to increase Triple Crown brand awareness worldwide.

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