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September 22, 2021

Interview to Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, director of the firm

Automated Transactions presented its novelties in ICE 2011

(UK, exclusive Within ICE 2011, interviewed in exclusive Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, director of Automated Transactions, who talked about the products presented in London and analyzed briefly the current situation of the sector.


hat products exhibited in ICE 2011 attracted more interest in the visitors?
In this event, the products we promoted the most and that attracted more interest were a multi-coin Hopper system and a banknote reader, the NV200, together with the Smart Payout.
We also have another bill recycler, called NV11, which is also attracting the attention, specially in markets such as Spain. In fact, the interest that our products have produced is very high.

Is it the first time you showcase this products to the European market or have you already been present in other events?
We presented them in other events, but let’s say that this is the consolidation event.

How was the result with regards to operators and manufacturers that would be interested in including this type of development and stopped by Automated Transactions booth?
Most of the visitors are our customers, which already know us and to which we have presented these products individually. That’s why, in general, people that come to the booth do it in order to clarify some doubts that they might have or to make some queries in order to implement these products in their machines.
We are at the beginning of the year; we come from a complex situation for the industry, that seems to be improving. How do you see 2011 and which do you think the near future will be?
I think the gaming sector will remain the same. We noted some improvements. There will be some improvement in other markets in which we are betting, such as the retail kiosk market, in which we do expect an important increment.

Which is the market you want to target this year?
As we have been doing so far, our strong sector is e-gaming, and this year we pretend to grow a little, diversifying and paying more attention to the retail sector.

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