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A G-Deluxe multiple bonus game

Aruze Gaming presents Cranky Condor game

United States
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The bonus game of Cranky Condor’s Life is triggered when 3 bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. The player rolls a dice and advances an amount of spaces on the board game determined by the outcome of the dice. Players must face critical decisions for Cranky Condor such as going to college, getting a job and where to build an oil mine. Credit amounts are earned in mini games on the way to the goal of becoming a billionaire.

If Cranky Condor makes it all the way around the game board to the Goal, he succeeds in becoming a billionaire and the player wins a Goal credit amount and is faced with a Big Challenge. Here the player can risk those credits in the Big Challenge mini-game.  If the player wins, the Goal credits are doubled and if the player fails to win the mini-game, the Goal credits are lost.

In Cranky Condor’s Coin Feature, Cranky drops coin in the reels, changing them to become wild. This can lead to big wins. An adventurous theme with comical animation and multiple mini bonus games creates a player friendly game that appeals to a broad range of players. For more information, visit

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