International edition
October 19, 2021

Interview to Elizabeth Romano, Manager of Business Development of TCS John Huxley for Latin America

“The industry is making investments again”

(UK, exclusive Double Action roulette and Gaming Floor Live system are two of the remarkable products that TCS John Huxley presented at ICE, which concluded yesterday in Earls Court Exhibition Center. Elizabeth Romano, Manager of Business Development of the firm for Latin America, talked to in London and remarked the qualities of the two products mentioned above.


hich are the innovations that the company brought this year to ICE?
We brought the updated version of Double Action Roulette with illumination in its layout. This innovation allows croupiers may determine the winning numbers and payments more quickly. Besides, this way, players do not have problems to determine the hoop that indicates the winning number of the superior and inferior layout. We complement them with a display with double numbers that shows the two winning numbers at the same time in the same roulette table.

We also brought Gaming Floor Live. It is a optimization tool for roulettes in real time. It was designed to maximize the key areas of performance and profitability. The system  captures automatically data of the gme that allows to evaluate the croupiers performance croupiers and optimize time.

Double Action Roulette was presented a year ago, Which has been the response from operators towards a product with these characteristics?
Very good. It is already present in two casinos, and sincerely, I think it will grow. The first impression of the public was of sourprise. Then, they started playing it more and more. I think the innovation we incorporated will serve to acceperate the product, and simplify the croupiers’ task.

Which is TCS position in Latin America after so many years? Which is the outlook dxpected for this year, which is apparently leaving behind the economic crisis?
January was a month with very good sales. Besides, we have new projects for which we are already arranging details of important budgets. I think the crisis did not affect Latin America that much, but there is always fear to invest in times of global crisis. I think that happened in the region. The fear to invest in our sector has passed. The industry is investing again in order to improve the gaming level in casinos and also the offer brought to the public, both in slots, tables and live gaming.

Which will be the most attractive products that TCS will present for Latin America during the year?
We are launching a card shuffler that, in my opinion, will be very important in our market. Besides, in Latin America everything related to control and analysis of tables and games is sold a lot. That’s why I think our systems –such as CRM and Gaming Floor Live- will be the most sold products, beyond traditional ones.

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