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Inteview to Cristian Galarza, President of EZ Mix

“Not only our product is new for us, but also for the whole market”

United Kingdom
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Which are your perspectives and aims for ICE 2011?
We will be in ICE showcasing our EZ Mix product as part of the presentation plan we developed before SAGSE release, which has also taken us to Las Vegas last November. Our goal is to show the European market this new and useful tool.

Which are the main characteristics of EZ Mix?
EZ Mix is a tool that allows the casino operator to design his layouts in just minutes, and without the intervention of computing systems. Just putting on a blueprint the machines in scale in his casino, he will be able to see the best way to optimize spaces.

Will you launch new products?
Our product is not just new for us, but also for the market. It is a simple tool and it is very easy to use, but with all the power of allowing the operator to optimize his spaces and profitability.

In your view, Which will be the main challenge of the event in the 2011 edition?
I think the challenge of ICE 2011 is to keep its traditional quality and continue generating a proper business environment.

What trends do you expect to see?
I do not expect anything in particular, I just want to arrive to the event with the expectation to see what manufacturers have to offer.

Which are your main projects for the following months?
With our e-commerce online website, our aim after ICE will be to reach the greatest number of operators to prove EZ Mix. We trust in its simplicity and practicity, so we know that, as long as operators share their experiences, EZ Mix will turn into a tool that everyone in the market will want to have.

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