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October 15, 2021

Roberto Perea, Manager of Exports of Naipes Heraclio Fournier

“We will present Pre-Shuffle cards for the first time in ICE”

(UK, exclusive Naipes Heraclio Fournier, firm that recently communicated that its exports experimented a 12.4% growth during last year, are preparing for the future ICE edition, that will begin in a few days. interviewed Roberto Perea, Manager of Exports of the firm, who remarked that they expect that, during the event, the positivism ins confirmed, which the industry started to perceive at the end of 2010.


hich are your perspectives and objectives for ICE 2011? 
ICE introduces itself this year as the edition in which we expect the good sensations felt in the latest months to be confirmed. The truth is that, even in the worst moments of the crisis, ICE has maintained a high level of assistants and exhibitors, but this year we trust the numbers of the two latest editions to increase. Our aim in ICE, being an already consolidated event, focused on a market in which we have an important market share, is to keep on establishing bonds with our customers and presenting them our new products; such is the case of Dura+ layouts.

Which are the main characteristics of the products that you will present?
We will present our cards Fournier, Bee and KEM, all of them reference brands in the market, offering the highest quality and security standards. Besides, we will present our Security Baccarat Shoe, oriented to increase security and integrity in Baccarat gaming. We will also show Dura+ layouts by Fournier and dices from Bee casino.

Will you release new products? 
We will present in ICE for the first time Pre-Shuffle cards. These cards are pre-shuffled in the factory, in a totally automatic and random way, without following any type of sequence. Pre-Shuffle cards allow to save between 10 and 15 minutes each time there is a bring-in or change card. They come in packs of six or eight decks, ready to be introduced directly “in the shoe”. In short, they are an option that enables the casino to play more hands and, therefore, increase the profitability of the table.

In your opinion, Which will be the main challenge of the event in the 2011 edition? 
As I said at the beginning, I think we all are a bit expectant to see if the optimistic atmosphere that we started to perceive at the end of 2010 is confirmed. 

What trends do you expect to see? 
We are expecting that trends deployed in latest editions are underpinned. We expect to see how technology continues being a connection and integrating live and online gaming, enabling the customer to plan in a brick-and-mortar casino from any place. Besides, the trend of the latest years is adressed to the application of new technologies to live gaming, strenghtening security and making it more attractive for the customer.

Which are the main projects of the firm for the coming months? 
In the short term, we have a project that, once crystallized, We think will revolutionize the security concept in cards. Some people think that everything is invented in casino cards, but the truth is that it is a very dinamic product and we, as a reference company in the industry, want to show it year after year. We are in touch with casinos worldwide and, day after day, we listen to their concerns. Our mission is to transform these concerns in solutions.

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