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September 25, 2021

Casino Technology’s Nevena Aleksieva Sales Manager and & Supervisor

“Our goal in 2011 is to explore further business opportunities in EU countries”

(UK, exclusive Nevena Aleksieva, Sales Manager and & Supervisor for International Markets at Casino Technology, talked to about the expectations and objectives for upcoming ICE show, considering three important aspects: new markets, key markets and strategic partnerships. She also spoke about the products they will present and the trends she expects to see at the event, on top of the projects of the firm for the near future.


hat are your expectations and objectives for ICE? 
Our expectations and objectives could be outlined considering three different important aspects: new markets, key markets and strategic partnerships.

In respect of the new markets our goal in 2011 is to explore further business opportunities in EU countries, focusing on well-developed markets, such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Germany, and studying their specific requirements, product mix and customer needs. Based on this research, we shall develop the best fitting products for each of those markets.   

With regards to our traditional markets, the main target is to establish further our strong positions at the Balkans, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, etc. Providing the success, marked by the Absolute Games – Gamopolis series in 2010 at different markets worldwide, we are expecting these products to be recognized as high quality performers, capable to drive even higher results during the next few years. A key element behind the Absolute Games series concept is their easy integration and compliance with the customers’ requirements and therefore the option for fast launching of custom products.

Still one of our main goals remains the establishing of strategic partnerships. All the big names in the industry are visiting ICE as this is the exhibition where all the novelties and latest trends in gaming equipment are demonstrated. In this regard we have invited our strategic partners from Latin America, North America, and Asia so that we can show them our best achievements compared to those of the European gaming elite. 

Will the firm launch new products? Which are their main characteristics?
We shall demonstrate the latest versions of the Absolute Games multigame series. Launched under the concept name Gamopolis – The City of Games, the new models: Gamopolis 3+, 4+, 5+ and 6+, offer the maximum optimal number of single games integrated in one machine – per 10 in every version, non-repeated in the different sets! The great potential of the series lies in the selection of well-working game mix, which can increase the effectiveness in different market areas and conditions.

Another accent in Casino Technology show case in London are the latest Game Suits, presented in several different themes, every one featuring full range of product modules providing complete gaming experience to the player. This includes more 20 new video-slot releases accommodated in the latest models of sophisticated Gemini Sensa Plus and Tangra Touch cabinets, featuring a range of new options and devices, and the themed jackpots, visualized on state-of-the art signs with spectacular video streaming and celebration events, adding to the excitement during the play and offering life-like experience.

After the successful Motormania, introduced at the beginning of 2010, Casino Technology launched at G2E the second Game Suit Falcon Heroes – based on the adventure spirit and the fascination of the wartime heroes, and now the ICE audience will have the chance to see for the first time the brand new series 7 Wonders of the World, presenting each of the biggest wonders on Earth with spectacular breath-taking views. It comes together with another novelty, the Reel Action network bonus, compatible with the whole ‘7 wonders’ Game suit, enriching further the lavish HD graphic experience and expanding the options of the smart progressive bonus system within the series.    

In your opinion, what will be this edition’s main challenge?
The ICE show is one of the most important brands in the global gaming business and a traditional strong networking center of representative of land-based casino & gaming arcades, investors and equipment vendors. We think this year the focus will be put on exchanging information about global trends as well as implementing of new legal frames for the unexplored markets with certain potential. As the negative financial results and effects of the economic downturn have been fading away, now it’s time for the gaming experts to take some smart decisions helping the industry to rise and reach new technological levels.   

Which trends do you expect to see this year at the show?
We are expecting super interactive products, user friendly and easy to handle for the players, enabling them to entertain in an exciting and unconventional environment. We also expect to see an integration of the latest developments in visual appearance and surround technological achievements.

What are your main projects for the coming months?
We are planning to drive our efforts towards our most potential markets, where we are ready to establish strong positions and launch our products in very short terms. We are ready to introduce and certify a large number of new products for the different markets, featuring outstanding graphic appearance and intriguing mathematical concepts. This is a constant challenge for us to respond to the permanent demand of new technologies, original concepts and high quality standards, in order to sustain the market progress. We will continue to work in all of these markets adding some new countries to our company’s world map.

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