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October 26, 2021

Tom Nugent, president of Gaming at MEI

“MEI’s objective for ICE is to reinforce our positioning as a global leader in cash payment systems”

(UK, exclusive “MEI is very proud to have sold the one millionth unit of CASHFLOW SC”, said Tom Nugent, president of Gaming at MEI, days before the start of ICE event. He also talked about their future participation at the London show, the products they will present, their expectations, and also about the projects of the company for the near future.


hat are your expectations and objectives for ICE?
MEI is very proud to have sold the one millionth unit of CASHFLOW SC.  This accomplishment is a direct result of our customers’ commitment to the product.  To celebrate this milestone we have chromed the millionth unit and it will be shown at ICE and “touring” tradeshows through the year.  We will also be distributing concert t-shirts highlighting the Value-Added Trials (VATs) that MEI has conducted that resulted in a conversion to CASHFLOW SC across the property.

MEI’s objective for the show is to reinforce our positioning as a global leader in cash payment systems. We will be demonstrating EASITRAX Soft Count, an integrated software/hardware solution that places information collected in the CASHFLOW SC bill validator into a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot floor performance.  EASITRAX Soft Count has been installed in over 64,000 machines globally. 

The AWP market is a market that MEI is committed to.  We launched GEO Gravity, an entry level note validator that effectively balances performance and price – expanding expectations for acceptance rates, security and jam performance in a market segment where MEI hasn’t historically participated. 

We are also expanding our product portfolio with two recycling products.  MEI BNR is a four denomination recycler that minimizes float requirements by up to 91%, increases machine uptime thru reducing interventions and provides unrivalled security.  For applications where four denomination recycling is not required, the CASHFLOW Series 2000 VNR is a single note recycler that offers a cost-efficient solution.  MEI is developing its recycling products to include the right solutions for all markets.

Will the firm launch new products? Which are their main characteristics?
MEI will be introducing the new SC Advance at ICE featuring benefits that will further raise the bar of performance expectations in the metrics that matter most – driving improvements in both the player experience and operator profitability.  This is the next generation product of CASHFLOW SC which changed casino operators’ expectations of bill validators with over one million units produced. 

Increased value created by SC Advance is highlighted by the following enhancements:
•An improved recognition system, which provides proactive security by utilizing transmissive sensors to see all the way through notes in multiple wavelengths.
•Faster bill-to-bill speed, which upgrades the player experience and speeds up transactions to expand throughput.
•Expanded memory, which limits part numbers and submissions by allowing more notes to be recognized in a specific release of firmware.
•Comprehensive barcode recognition, which processes barcode coupons in all four directions and improves acceptance on multi-width currencies.
•Upgrade to USB 2.0, which speeds up communications with the host machine and even potentially expands functionality.
Because the enhancements are localized to the acceptor head, SC Advance can work hand-in-hand with legacy CASHFLOW SC units already in the field.  This capability is facilitated by intelligent support tools that will be able to sense the product version and provide the appropriate software.

SC Advance not only is compatible with previous versions, but also with product extensions that have expanded the reach of bill acceptors from the slot machine to the entire cash management process.  EASITRAX Soft Count, as an example, has changed rapidly the expectations for what a bill acceptor can offer – building an installed base over 50,000 games in 18 months by improving efficiencies associated with the cash drop process.

In your opinion, what will be this edition’s main challenge?
The economy is still challenging and operators’ capital is still tight.  However, we have seen improved attendance at recent shows and we believe that this trend will continue at ICE.

Which trends do you expect to see this year at the show?
Operators are always looking for the best technology to update their casinos.  OEMs will be presenting new and exciting ways to attract players to their machines.  Suppliers are innovating ways to provide more value to the operators with products like EASITRAX Soft Count. 

What are your main projects for the coming months?
In 2011, MEI will continue to focus on VLT projects in Italy. We will also bring EASITRAX Soft Count and the new SC Advance to casinos in Europe.  We continue to increase our footprint in Europe and recently opened a new casino in Portugal with CASHFLOW SC as the note validator in all its machines. To receive a product demonstration, please visit stand 4060 during ICE.

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