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June 23, 2021

George Steiner, Amatic’s Sales and Marketing Director

"The challenge is to bring real innovations to the market so that the industry as a whole can benefit”

(UK, exclusive George Steiner, Amatic Industries’ Sales and Marketing Director, granted an interview to in which he spoke about the products that the firm will showcase next week in ICE 2011, as well as about his expectations and goals for the event and for the coming months.


hat are your expectations and objectives for ICE?
Amatic Industries sees the ICE as the most important International gaming exhibition. The focus and dedication to the gaming market is reflected by the sheer presence of Amatic Industries at stand 3060.

Such a large stand is necessary to allow Amatic Industries to show its complete gaming solutions to the market. Secondly, Amatic Industries places great emphasis on offering both long-standing and new customers a stylish, professional and relaxed stand that reflects the innovative prowess and the modern Austrian design of the company. The stand thus reflects the success and focus of Amatic Industries as a long-term, innovative partner for the gaming industry.

The expectation is that the ICE will continue to be seen as the most important international gaming exhibition. The objective for Amatic Industries is to use this opportunity to welcome customers from near and far and all interested persons to see the new gaming solutions from Amatic Industries.

Will the firm launch new products? Which are their main characteristics?
Yes, indeed. The firm will present its Multi Game Solution. The following new products will be relased at the ICE:

Performer Series – in particular the Performer C22 gaming cabinet. The stylish Performer C22 cabinet stands out in any gaming location with its blend of Austrian design, manufactured in the highest quality. The large 22” dual-screen monitors provide for a new gaming experience and players will enjoy spending time on the Performer C22 as its design allows for added leg room and the control panel is extended to provide optimal arm support. The graphics and sound will astound all visitors to the Amatic Industries stand.

New Games: The firm will present a whole host of new games, for example, Bells on Fire, Casanova and Wild Shark.

Grand Jeu 22ws Electronic Roulette. It will receive its international debut at the forthcoming ICE. The Grand Jeu 22ws incorporates all the features and benefits players appreciate in the original Grand Jeu and Grand Jeu Prestige electronic roulettes from Amatic.

Speed is the essence in roulette and so Amatic Industries has built in the latest scanning technology in the market to further quicken the number setting recognition. The betting functions have been extended with a set of Quick-Tipp functions (‘Quick5’). The graphics options have been further widened for players to quickly and simply see a wide range of statistics. A better informed player is a more satisfied player. Amatic Industries appreciates that although roulette is per sea simple game to play, there are  such a range of options that a player needs supporting in order to comprehend all of these. The in-depth help menu explains each and every detail precisely. Furthermore, the firm takes into account the fundamental fact that players can be either left or right handed and so have designed the software to reflect the hand position for both possibilities.

The Grand Jeu 22ws conforms to the latest SAS standard. Naturally player tracking is integrated into the system. All current payment options are available, for example via electronic card, TITO and cash. The best-performing components in this field can be found in the Grand Jeu 22ws - another testimony of the focus on quality by Amatic.

Grand Jeu Croupier
A real highlight and treat to all roulette fans. The electronic roulette solutions from Amatic Industries can be operated together with a live roulette wheel – run by the croupier. The croupier has full control to the automatic roulette terminals.

Multi Game on Roulette
The Multi Games from Amatic Industries can be programmed into the roulette terminals. Therefore, players can continue playing the slots games on the roulette terminals. Thus, players have real gaming flexibility and operators are rest-assured that the roulette systems from Amatic Industries offer real player value, maximizing machine use and uptime.

Server –Based Gaming / VLT’s
The MLT - Multi Lottery Terminal perfectly combines security, transparency, simplicity and flexibility. All features and mathematics are performed by the server, leaving the gaming machines to simply portray the game from the server. The game server handles the complete process on-line in real time, including the machine payment management system.

A customer-friendly platform caters for increased customer acceptance. A wide-ranging jackpot system ensures the complete benefits come to fruition of server-based gaming.
This complete solution is not limited to VLT’s. This is also available as a complete internet-based solution.

Internet casino– uniting class gaming with online gaming. The Internet Gaming Platform promises to be a true highlight at the ICE on the Amatic Industries stand. The popular games from Amatic Industries are now available online. All the requirements to successfully operate Amatic Industries games have been completed. Amatic Industries offers online gaming specialists from every jurisdiction the opportunity to work hand-in-hand to offer their customers the great games of Amatic Industries. The Multi Remote Gaming System (MRGS) from Amatic Industries ensures that each individual customer has their own server in their jurisdiction to securely run the games on. This is a great advantage as each customer can develop their own online gaming website with the games configured to their own needs - thus presenting the games from Amatic Industries in their own look and feel.

Casino Management Floor System – providing a complete, secure solution to operators. It allows operators to make real online use of all information available from the gaming solutions from Amatic Industries. The integrated casino management system can be operated on a multitude of different gaming locations – all linked together. Naturally this system runs optimally with cashless gaming solutions.

In your opinion, what will be this edition’s main challenge?
We believe the challenge is to bring real innovations to the market so that the gaming industry as a whole can benefit. This is where Amatic Industries strives to make a strong contribution – continually investing to provide the gaming solutions for today and tomorrow.

Which trends do you expect to see this year at the show?
Naturally gaming machine manufacturers are making use of improved technology and this will be reflected in the excellent quality of gaming machines. Right up there will be the Performer c22 from Amatic Industries. We believe that there are many future opportunities in the market for video lottery terminals (VLT’s) and Amatic Industries provides excellent VLT solutions.

The ICE is, in a way, two exhibitions at the same time. One is for traditional, land-based gaming, the other for online gaming. We believe that these two segments will begin to collaborate more. Internet Casino from Amatic Industries unites both segments.

What are your main projects for the coming months?
The focus will be on supporting clients to integrate the Performer c22 slot machine series and Grand Jeu 22ws Electronic Roulette. Naturally we will be supporting our clients on our complete product range, including the new Internet Casino.

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